Tips for Packing Toiletries

Take a look at these tips to make sure your suitcase doesn’t end up looking like a toiletry war zone… Read more >>

Packing for a Long Trip

From choosing what to pack to choosing how many suitcases to take, it can be tough. But if you follow these guidelines, your packing process will be smooth sailing… Read more >>

DuffelPacking for a Weekend Getaway

For a few days away, all you’ll need is a small wheeled bag or duffel, a backpack, and a small shoulder purse… Read more >>

BackpacksHow to Pack for a Wilderness Backpacking Trip

You decided that you want to go hiking in the wilderness for an extended period of time… what do you bring? Read more >>

Woman BackpackerBackpacking Essentials for Women

A lot of women travelers find it hard to crunch their “essentials” into one bag… Read more >>

Woman silhouette10 Things to Pack for Thailand

What to bring on your trip to the Land of Smiles… Read more >>

Eye mask10 Things to Pack for a Women-only Tour

To make sure you have all the essentials on your next women-only tour, here are the top 10 things that no woman should travel without.Read more >>

PackingPacking Tips for Women Travelers

You may be tempted to empty your closet into your luggage when you’re packing for vacation. But avoid doing such a thing. Packing light and wisely will get you much farther than carrying everything but the kitchen sink! Read more >>

antique luggageChoosing Your Luggage

Before setting out, you’ll need to determine which type of luggage to use based on the type of travel you’re planning. Business, casual and adventure travelers will each have different needs. Business and adventure travelers will need something that’s going to hold up while casual travelers may not need something expensive… Read more >>

Girl with carry on bagCarry-on Packing Tips

Though the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regularly changes requirements with regards to what you can and can’t bring with you in your carry-on bag(s), here are some tips for packing your toiletries and other items that probably won’t change much in the coming years… Read more >>

Woman in red shoesShoes: The Packing Conundrum

Without hesitation, one of the most common questions I receive concerns shoes. How to pack them, how many I bring and which type I carry for a given destination… Read more >>

Packing ListPacking List

No trip should start without a packing list! Begin here for ideas on what to pack before you even THINK of pulling out your favorite piece of luggage… Read more >>

suitcase6 Tips for Practical Packing

How do you pack it all up and not carry the kitchen sink with you? Follow these tips to learn how to best travel with as few items as possible… Read more >>

California Road Trip5 Packing Tips for Your Road Trip

If you’re heading off on a road trip, before you even think about your route planner, you’ll want to make sure you look your very best… Read more >>

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