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Eek! I’m headed to Japan!

by Beth Whitman (February 11th, 2016)

We leave in a few days for Japan. Make that, “Oh my god we leave in a few days for Japan!” Our house is a wreck because the day after we get back from OMG JAPAN, we pick up the keys to a rental apartment so we can move in while our house is being […]

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Travel in Uncertain Times

by Beth Whitman (February 8th, 2016)

It seems that every three to six months, something happens in the world to give us pause. Whether it’s a natural disaster, downturn in the economy, act of terrorism, local uprising, an upcoming election or some catastrophic event, for a moment, we may second-guess our travel plans. I’ve seen people cancel trips to Bangkok, Paris […]

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by Beth Whitman (January 11th, 2016)

Updated: I wrote this post and the title before the news broke about David Bowie. He will surely continue to have influence over all aspects of our culture. __________ Last week, I let our fabulous WanderBloggers know that the Wanderlust and Lipstick site would be going through a pretty radical design change in the coming […]

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2016 ~ Looking Ahead

by Beth Whitman (January 6th, 2016)

I do love this time of year. Fresh start. Clean slate. A world (literally) of possibilities. As I mentioned in my 2015 Year in Review, I’m off to a slightly slow start in terms of my planning this year. I usually have time just before Christmas and then through the days shortly after New Year’s […]

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2015 Year in Review

by Beth Whitman (January 4th, 2016)

I’m a bit late this year on my New Year’s Resolutions and my look back at 2015. For a quick overview, this is my Instagram best 9 <<. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me at Wandergal. I blame my tardiness on the fact that I was traveling for most of December. And while […]

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Favorite Photo Editing Apps

by Beth Whitman (December 4th, 2015)

I work from home and spend a lot of time by myself (except when I’m talking to others in my head – HA HA!) As a result, I’m not surrounded by the same osmosis that a lot of people get from an office environment. That can be a good great thing but I miss it […]

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Your Sixth Sense – A Matter of Life and Death?

by Beth Whitman (September 10th, 2015)

This summer I went to Jon’s family reunion in Watertown, New York, just about as far north in NY as you can get without being in Canada. Watertown’s got some charm to it. It’s home to an army base, Fort Drum, and sees lots of Canadian who come for the shopping deals. There are big […]

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Tips for Opting Out at the Airport

by Beth Whitman (July 28th, 2015)

With the exception of two times, I opt out of going through the millimeter wave scanners at airports in the U.S. Those two times were both when I was at an airport for a layover and had to leave the terminal and re-enter but had a tight connection and didn’t feel like I had time […]

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Why Travel Insurance is Important

by Beth Whitman (July 27th, 2015)

This post is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance. I’m happy to be working with these folks as it gives me an opportunity to talk about the importance of travel insurance for everyone. For years I’ve carried a policy that covers me for emergency needs during my international travels. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use it. […]

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How to Lose Weight on Vacation

by Beth Whitman (July 13th, 2015)

I started noticing a trend with myself over the past couple of years. I was losing weight when I traveled. Not a lot, but at least a couple of pounds. And it at beats the alternative of gaining weight! That is so antithetical to what you would think. But it’s true. I know this because […]

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