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International Driving Permit FAQs

by Beth Whitman (June 30th, 2014)

U.S. citizens: Have you ever driven more than 50 miles into Canada? If so, did you know that you are required to have an International Driving Permit to do so? I was floored when I found this out. I’ve driven into and through Canada on more occasions than I can count (including two trips to […]

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Do Travel and Politics Mix?

by Beth Whitman (June 24th, 2014)

There was a discussion on a Facebook group I belong to about whether we should make our travel choices based on the politics of the government of where we’re considering visiting. Specifically, a woman expressed her dismay about a travel blogging conference being held in Sri Lanka, a country she believes has a record of […]

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#CarryOnShame is a Shameful Movement

by Beth Whitman (June 17th, 2014)

In Buddhism, we’re taught to practice right thoughts, right speech, right action. Meaning, be kind in all that you think, say and do. I’m not perfect when it comes to this–even the most learned monks will admit to some failures–but these tenets are often on my mind. And never more so than when I read […]

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