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24 Hours in Portland, Oregon

by Beth Whitman (April 14th, 2014)

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t get down to Portland nearly as often as I would like. It’s only three hours from Seattle, however, it seems like it’s easier for me to find time to fly to Bangkok than to drive to PDX. Portland is smaller and more laid-back than Seattle, yet still a [...]

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Tips for Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

by Beth Whitman (April 4th, 2014)

Two weeks after taking a job at a tech company in 2000, I was sent to Australia with my boss, Peter, and a colleague, Holly, to meet with some photographers who were going to help us launch a website in time for the Olympics. Two weeks into a job is not a long time to [...]

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The (Travel) Glass Half Full

by Beth Whitman (March 31st, 2014)

My life is so immersed in venturing off that it’s never occurred to me there would be people afraid to travel. Yes, maybe afraid to fly, but “travel?” As in pack a bag and get away for the weekend? I have such a hard time fathoming it. But I’ve now heard from enough people to [...]

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