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Tapping Into Your Potential

by Beth Whitman (March 23rd, 2015)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about possibilities and boundaries. The possibilities to accomplish things we never dreamed of and the self-limiting boundaries we put on ourselves on our way to pursuing certain goals. Many of us tend to talk ourselves out of doing something before we even think through what the end results might […]

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Easy Travel Tip ~ 10,000 Steps While You Travel

by Beth Whitman (February 16th, 2015)

Last year I picked up a Fitbit Zip. My intention was to use it during the Snowman Trek. But I made an error and forgot to bring the little USB dongle that goes with the unit and wasn’t able to change the tracker to the local time in Bhutan. This would have meant the Fitbit […]

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Why You Should Put Your Phone Down While You Travel

by Beth Whitman (February 6th, 2015)

I have a few bad habits. Namely using my iPhone to frequently scroll through my Facebook news feed, the West Seattle Blog (my neighborhood micro-blog) and Google news. These are all things that, out of habit, I tend to check quite often like when I’m in line at the post office or Costco or while […]

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