Nepal ~ How You Can Help #Give3Nepal

by Beth Whitman (April 27th, 2015)

Kathmandu StupaIt’s been a sad few days as we all watch the death toll rise (as of this writing it’s nearly 4,000) and the number of injuries reported (more than 7,000) in the aftermath of the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal.

Though it’s been years since I’ve been there, I know many people with very close ties to Nepal, either traveling there regularly or running tours in the country.

I’ve been riveted by stories on the major news sites as well as the reports from Everest Base Camp from guiding outfits such as International Mountain Guides.

I wish I could be there to help.

You’re probably thinking the same thing.

Given that impracticality, there are ways to help from home. My friends over at Crooked Trails have put together a donation program that will provide help with immediate needs (clothing Give3Nepaland temporary shelter) as well as long-term needs (the re-building of homes).

In short, here’s what you can do:

  • Give just $3 towards the relief fund
  • Take just 3 minutes to share this with as many people as you can
  • Spend 3 hours in solidarity with Crooked Trails on the Mt. Si Climb for Nepal
  • Spend 3 weeks in Nepal on a volunteer trip with Crooked Trails to help rebuild

You can donate directly using this link (note the minimum is actually $10 and there is a 10% processing fee – but don’t let that stop you!). And you can visit the Crooked Trails website for details on their Nepal trip to help rebuild.

Be Bold,


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Photo credit:
Kathmandu Stupa: Brandon via Creative Commons

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Timbuk2 Copilot Luggage ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (April 22nd, 2015)

Timbuk2 Co Pilot LuggageI’ve been pretty excited to test out my new Timbuk2 Copilot Luggage Roller since I received it more than two months ago. My travels the past couple of months have only been short trips but my 10 days on Maui finally warranted carrying something a bit larger than just a weekend bag.

Admittedly, the Timbuk2 Copilot is a departure from my usual carry-on luggage in that it’s a clamshell suitcase. Each side has a zippered netting to hold my clothes and other items tight and then zippers shut.

The best thing about the clamshell styling is that it kinda forces me to be a bit more organized about how I pack. I mean, I don’t have to be organized but knowing I can keep workout and casual clothes on one side and dress clothes on the other actually helps me think through the packing process a bit more.


Timbuk2 Copilot Packed

For my Maui trip, I started by putting one compression sac filled with clothes on each side.

Timbuk2 Copilot filled

Once I had the compression sacs in, I placed other bags on top. This included my bag of protein bars, a small purse and an Eagle Creek padded bag that held my electronics.

Timbuk2 Copilot Closed

Once everything was placed in the bag, I just zipped up the mesh for each side and it was ready to close shut.

My medium-sized bag is 22″, perfect as a carry-on bag for most airlines.

The Copilot has a top compartment that you can access from the top. It’s the perfect size for shoes but because it provides easy access to items, you can put things in there that you want quick access to. I kept my sunglasses in there so I could easily get to them upon landing.

Like other Timbuk2 roller bags, the Copilot has skateboard wheels so the bag is super quiet (and smooth) rolling through the airport. (Side note: I have a small weekend bag from Lipault that I love but it is SO loud when I roll it through the airport it’s a bit embarrassing. I’m delighted by Timbuk2’s attention to this detail!)

Available in 20″ and 28″ in a variety of colors and fabrics on Amazon. The Copilot goes for about $225.

In short? Love it. And I know I’ll find lots of uses for it as long as I can keep Jon from “borrowing” it on our next trip together!

Be Bold,


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Disclosure: Timbuk2 provided this bag to me for review. Regardless, everything I have said in the post reflects my honest opinions.

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Craghoppers Pro Lite Jacket ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (April 8th, 2015)

Craghopper Prolite JacketWorking from home, I like my light walking around jackets a lot. I wear some kind of jacket around the house most every day (maybe I should consider turning up the heat – HA HA). Unfortunately, many of these are heavy hoodies and they don’t pack well for travel. They’re just too bulky.

I came across the Craghopper Pro Lite Jacket when I was at the Outdoor Retailer Show in January. The feature that sold me on the Pro Lite? It packs away into its own pocket or a small sack! If ever there was a jacket made for travelers, this is it.

The material is a soft (very soft) microfleece that has a tiny bit of stretch to it making it comfortable in-flight as well as during activities.

The Pro Lite also has a really nice trim cut to it. So it’s not going to hang bulky like other hoodies.

Though it’s difficult to see in this photo, the jacket has two side pockets with zippers. Most hoodies don’t have zippered pockets (another #Fail) so more points for Craghoppers. I like to walk out the door with as little stuff on me as possible. If I’m going for a walk and can take a hotel room key, my cell phone and a bit of cash, that’s aces. A jacket with zippered pockets allows me to do just that.

There’s also a zippered chest pocket. I’ve never found these super useful (what woman wants to have a cell phone bulking up one side of her chest?) but I suppose a bit of cash or a house key Craghopper Prolite Jacketmight fit in here well.

The colors that are available in the Pro Lite Jacket are right up my alley: True Blue (pictured), Candy Red, Lagoon and Lipstick (whoo hoo!). Now they just need Wanderlust. :-)

By the way, packing the jacket into its own pocket may not be pretty but it IS possible.

Available on Amazon for about $60.

Be Bold,


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Disclosure: Craghoppers provided this jacket to me for review. Regardless, everything I have said in the post reflects my honest opinions.

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