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Beth Whitman wears many hats as the founder of Wanderlust and Lipstick and WanderTours. She leads small group adventures to Bhutan, India, Vietnam & Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Santa Fe, New Mexico. She's the author of the Wanderlust and Lipstick guides for women travelers and the publisher of the Wanderlust and Lipstick website.

She also the women's travel editor for Transitions Abroad and a contributor to Perceptive Travel.

She draws upon her nearly 25 years of travel experience to write about travel-related issues as well as to share her favorite gear, music, photos and stories.

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Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger ~ WanderGear Wednesday

Ever find yourself on a train, plane or bus and your cell phone is nearly dead? On top of it all, there are no outlets to be found and your significant other is waiting to find out what time you arrive. It’s a terrible feeling. And completely avoidable when you’ve got a power source like […]

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Why Turning 50 Doesn’t Have to Suck

When I was in my early 40’s, I always thought of myself as still 40, not any older than that. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be “in” my 40’s. I just didn’t FEEL (or look, hopefully) like I was “in” my 40’s. So for a few years, I enjoyed being just 40. This […]

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This Month Win a Mystic Cardi Sweater from Royal Robbins

There’s a word that comes to my mind when I think about clothing from Royal Robbins. It’s “soft.” Well, more specifically, “snuggly soft.” I mentioned this when I wrote about their Mission Knit Long Sleeve Shirt and these are the words that come to mind to describe their Mystic Cardi. This is the kind of […]

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Halloween Fun Facts

I used to really get into Halloween. I would spend months working on my costume. While I can’t say I ever created anything too fancy, I did have fun with the process. I’ve been traveling out of the country for the past couple of Halloweens and have missed seeing our neighborhood kids dressed up. Sadly, […]

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LOWA Innox GTX Lo Boots ~ WanderGear Wednesday

Even though I live in one of the most hiking-friendly areas of the country, I haven’t been that into hiking until recently. For the longest time I had one old pair of hiking boots that I wore for all sorts of weather and trails. Now, when I open my shoe closet, I have lots of […]

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WanderWorld Foundation

For nearly as long as WanderTours has been offering tours, we’ve been donating to organizations located in the countries where our tours run. The donations have all been made on behalf of our tour groups but they come directly from WanderTours. I am so excited to announce that we (myself and a small board of […]

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Essentials for Running ~ Road ID

It’s funny. I’ve been wanting to get this review/mention about Road ID up on the blog for a long time but have, frankly, been sidetracked with a lot of other things and it’s been lower down on the priority list (sorry, Road ID folks!). But after publishing yesterday’s post about running (and travel) and how […]

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Your Sixth Sense – A Matter of Life and Death?

This summer I went to Jon’s family reunion in Watertown, New York, just about as far north in NY as you can get without being in Canada. Watertown’s got some charm to it. It’s home to an army base, Fort Drum, and sees lots of Canadian who come for the shopping deals. There are big […]

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The Snowman Trek ~ Long-awaited Video

This has been a long time in coming but, finally, here’s the big unveil of the Snowman Trek video from our time in Bhutan last year… Huge thanks to our sponsors, Expedia and XShot, for making the journey and video possible. Big kudos to Chris Staudinger for doing an excellent job on editing this amazing […]

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Klymit V2 Sleeping Pad ~ WanderGear Wednesday

Looking back, it’s a little embarrassing to think about the sleeping pad I brought with me on the Snowman Trek last year. It was a pad I had used many times while car camping in the Pacific Northwest and it had served me well. It was one of those large inflatable pads that you can […]

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