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Some might fend off a mid-life crisis by leaving the comforts of their corporate salary to jet off to a deserted island. Others might buy a Jaguar. I’ve chosen to dive head-long into my 50s and beyond by becoming a first-time parent. I’ve traveled halfway around the world (several times) before adopting my daughter, and now I share my musings about life with a toddler in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent posts by Beth Shepherd

Grand slam haircut at Sharkey’s

Haircut #4. Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids. Little Bird’s last haircut was ten months ago. It was time.
Little Bird and Bunny go to Sharkey's Kid CutsThe before picture…

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A Sasquatch with a heart as big as his feet

Travel Portland clock strikes 11

This past weekend, Travel Portland visited Seattle’s Westlake Center and unveiled a magnificent cuckoo clock to let viewers know Portland is happening now. All the time.

I had an opportunity …

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Gifts from Armenia

“I am not the same
having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”
~Mary Anne Radmacher
Gifts from Armenia

Last week a very special package arrived at our house. Inside were gifts …

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