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Some might fend off a mid-life crisis by leaving the comforts of their corporate salary to jet off to a deserted island. Others might buy a Jaguar. I’ve chosen to dive head-long into my 50s and beyond by becoming a first-time parent. I’ve traveled halfway around the world (several times) before adopting my daughter, and now I share my musings about life with a toddler in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent posts by Beth Shepherd

Close encounters of the Santa kind

This year, Little Bird made it known she really wanted to meet Santa Claus. Live and in person.

When I heard that Mr. Claus himself might make an appearance at her preschool excursion to see a children’s performance of the Nutcracker, I went along to help the two of them get …

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Celebrate Christmas and New Year the Armenian way

Armenian church and sky

Just about the time when most of us are taking down our Christmas trees and packing up our ornaments for next year, Armenia is ramping up for week of holiday festivities. In Armenia, Christmas falls on January 6th and …

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Rudolf’s relief workers: Sled dogs

Two weeks ago, when we visited Enchanted Winds Tree Farm, we got to meet two beautiful sled dogs, Maka and Cassie, who were visiting with their owners from Cle Elum, Washington. Sled dogs or sledge dogs are a distinct breed of dogs, known for their incredible …

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