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Some might fend off a mid-life crisis by leaving the comforts of their corporate salary to jet off to a deserted island. Others might buy a Jaguar. I’ve chosen to dive head-long into my 50s and beyond by becoming a first-time parent. I’ve traveled halfway around the world (several times) before adopting my daughter, and now I share my musings about life with a toddler in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent posts by Beth Shepherd

The Wishbone

When I was a little girl, my sister and I watched with rapt attention as Dad carved the Thanksgiving turkey and carefully removed the wishbone.  When dinner was over, the tug of war began. We closed our eyes, held on tightly to one side of the wishbone, made a wish, ...

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Grand slam haircut at Sharkey’s

Haircut #4. Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids. Little Bird’s last haircut was ten months ago. It was time.
Little Bird and Bunny go to Sharkey's Kid CutsThe before picture…

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A Sasquatch with a heart as big as his feet

Travel Portland clock strikes 11

This past weekend, Travel Portland visited Seattle’s Westlake Center and unveiled a magnificent cuckoo clock to let viewers know Portland is happening now. All the time.

I had an opportunity …

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