Grand slam haircut at Sharkey’s

by Beth Shepherd
( November 20th, 2014 )

Haircut #4. Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids. Little Bird’s last haircut was ten months ago. It was time.

Little Bird and Bunny go to Sharkey's Kid CutsThe before picture

Little Bird and Bunny go to Sharkey's

john mcenroe

Remind you of a certain former U.S. professional tennis player?







Off we went on our Grand Slam adventure to a new salon. Bunny got a piggyback. This was a big occasion.

Piggy back for bunny

Sharkey’s is named for…you guessed it. Mr. Shark was the second big-toothed dude we’ve encountered in the past week.

Haircut at Sharkey's

I’d heard about Sharkey’s from a friend (Thank you, Sara!) who said she’d had a great experience there. Her opinion was echoed by many others in Yelp reviews. Seemed like a good bet. Nevertheless, I felt a bit anxious. My Little Bird is not the most patient of clients. She has trouble sitting still. In fact, most of the time, she has trouble sitting. At all. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

First we met our stylist (Thank you Julie!) and Little Bird selected the stylin’ ride of her choice (pink Barbie Jeep). Then a hair wash.

Sharkey's Barbie jeep

Next, the hair cut. Per usual for my squirmy kiddo, we weren’t but two snips in before…Are you done? When do I get my ballon? And my lollypop?

Sharkey's the cut

Blow dry, followed by Princess braids. Julie is fast. I can count on one hand (less than one hand) how many times Little Bird has worn braids. Cute little clips attached them to her swanky shorn mane.

Sharkey's the braid

A spritz of cupcake-scented hairspray (I kid you not) and a sprinkling of glitter and my glamour gal was ready for…

Sharkey's glitter

Her mini-mani. She selected a few blue nail polishes. And a sparkle polish to top it off. Of course.

Sharkey's nail polish

Little Bird also got to choose one jewel to adorn her finger, from a selection of big, beautiful blingy, rings.

  Pick a ring at Sharkey's

And then from thumb to pinky all ten of her nails got a  coat of polish and…more sparkles. Bunny was the epitome of patience throughout.

Sharkey's mini mani

Finally, the moment she’d been waiting for. Not the haircut. Not the braid. Not the glitter. Not the mani. Not the ring. The balloon!

Sharkey's balloon

And the lollypop!

Sharkey's lollypop

All of this set me back a mere $28 which, when you add up every little treat Little Bird scored, seemed pretty reasonable. And her hair—ADORABLE!

The big bonus (in my opinion), with every haircut Sharkey’s donates to Seattle Children’s Hospital, Make A Wish Foundation or Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you pay in cash—which I did—they will double the donation.

With a kiss to Mr. Sharkey, we were out the door and homeward bound. Bye-bye Sharkey’s…we’ll be back.

Thanks Sharkey's

Take the road less traveled, Beth

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

Postscript: She unclipped the braids before we got home and started to peel off her nail polish. But she still looks pretty darn cute.


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A Sasquatch with a heart as big as his feet

by Beth Shepherd
( November 18th, 2014 )

Travel Portland clock strikes 11

This past weekend, Travel Portland visited Seattle’s Westlake Center and unveiled a magnificent cuckoo clock to let viewers know Portland is happening now. All the time.

I had an opportunity to check out all 24-feet of this nearly 7,000 pound chain-saw carved clock on Friday afternoon. When I heard there might be a sighting of the mythical—Santasquatch—Saturday morning, I knew  I needed to get myself back downtown, Little Bird in tow.

Travel Portland cuckoo clock

On the hour, full-sized doors opened to reveal all sorts of entertainment and surprises from Portland’s infamous Naked Bike Riders, tea tasting, jewelry making, Charcuterie and more. Santasquatch was scheduled to arrive 11:00. We waited as the crowd grew.

Travel Portland anybody homeCan I knock on the door Mama? When the ‘Squash’ coming out?

Finally, there he was in all his furry glory…Santasquatch. Little Bird looked terrified. She tucked her body closer to mine and whispered.


SantasquashMama, the Squash scary. Why is he scary sweetie? He’s got sharp teeth. He might eat me.

I spent the better part of the next hour cajoling and pleading with Little Bird to go sit herself down next to Santasquatch. We smiled at him. He smiled back. We waved. He waved back. Mama sat in his lap to prove he wasn’t angling to eat his Seattle guests.

Meeting the sasquatch with Mama

Even Santasquatch—himself—and Robin (from Wieden & Kennedy), were patient and encouraging. They tried help Little Bird believe that under all that fur, and behind all those [sharp] teeth, lurked the soul of a Renaissance Sasquatch.

Meeting the sasquatchMama, he’s not family, so I can’t hug him. Can I high-five him?

Little Bird was not moved, at least not enough to get within paw’s distance. Then the time came when Santasquatch announced he would be heading back to his hometown in Portland, Oregon.

Little Bird was sad. Even though she couldn’t muster the courage to get up close and personal, she didn’t want him to leave. That’s when we got the invitation to go behind the scenes for a private meeting with Mr. Squatch himself, where we were privy to a few Sasquatch secrets. Like, he does splits. Who knew? I’m sure agility helps this ‘squatch beat a hasty retreat deep into the forests of the Oregon Cascade Mountains.

Santasquash does splits

I could tell Little Bird was slowly warming to the idea that this ‘Squatch was truly one-of-a-kind. Maybe a nice guy even. But it was time for us to bid adieu.

He’s an elusive beast.  But should you happen to cross the path of Portland’s Sasquatch, this much I know: His heart is as big as his feet.

Santasquash in the flesh

Find out more about what is happening in Portland. NOW! Right here. And thank you to all the sweet folks who helped one little girl overcome her fear of the unknown, at least where Santasquatch is concerned.

Mama, the Squash is pretty nice. I wasn’t scared. Maybe a little. At first.

Take the road less traveled, Beth

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Gifts from Armenia

by Beth Shepherd
( November 13th, 2014 )

“I am not the same

having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

~Mary Anne Radmacher

Gifts from Armenia

Last week a very special package arrived at our house. Inside were gifts from Armenia: a few items for our dining room, hand-made wooden earrings, a lovely jewelry box and an amazing traditional Armenian costume, designed with our Little Bird in mind. I could barely contain my excitement—it was like having Christmas and birthday celebrations all rolled into one.

I will always hold Armenia close to my heart, like no other place I’ve ever traveled to. My daughter was born in the shadow of her mountains. We’ve graced our tiny home with paintings and memorabilia from our trips, but much of the time, this country which cradles the history and culture of our daughter’s beginnings, seems impossibly far away.

Runner from Armenia

Two table runners and a two place mats now grace our dining room, and when I walk past them, I smile. The amazing part is how closely the traditionally-styled table runners match the colors of our dining room. Burgundy, sage green, accents of coral, cream and gold. It was if my dear friend had been standing right there when she chose them for us.

Armenian table runner and wood jewelry boxClose-up of table runner

CarpetOur dining room rug

There are days when my longing to be there is palpable. And that is why having a bit of—there—here, warms my heart.

With love and gratitude to H-jan and V. Gifts, Part II, coming soon!

Take the road less traveled,


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