Pampers and Paklava has moved!

by Beth Shepherd
( January 25th, 2016 )

Pampers and Paklava has moved! My ship is docked at a new port.


Seattle ferry

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In the rearview mirror: Farewell Wanderlust and Lipstick

by Beth Shepherd
( January 21st, 2016 )

Seven years ago, I went to a travel event. There I met Beth Whitman, founder of Wanderlust and Lipstick, listed as number 40 of top travel blogs in the world. We got to talking. I mentioned I love to write and was hoping to start a blog. Oh, and I planned to visit Armenia a couple times to adopt a child. Maybe I could segue my travels to this tiny little-known country into some of the  posts I wrote? Beth gave me her business card. One thing led to another and Pampers and Paklava was born.

Armenia rear view mirror

Flash forward seven years, six trips to Armenia, one trip to China and Tibet, travels to London, Amsterdam and Paris, visits to Baja and Hawaii…and a lot of exploration in the Pacific Northwest, my home sweet home. I’ve now been a blogger longer than any paid job I’ve ever held. Since I pressed ‘publish’ for the first time on April 13, 2009, I’ve written 665 posts!

Blogging is utterly integrated into the fabric of my life. I can’t imagine not blogging, so I’ll be honest I wasn’t the happiest of campers when Beth announced she would be making big changes to her website in 2016, and no longer publishing the blogs on her site. But change, even unanticipated change, can be a catalyst! And maybe, after seven years, it was time for me to stretch my wings and leave the nest.

I am enormously grateful to Beth for the opportunity I’ve had to be a WanderBlogger, posting alongside a community of amazingly talented women. My writing, research I’ve done for posts, photography and of course travelall of it—has brought me tremendous joy, satisfaction and pride. So it makes sense I feel sad this chapter in my life has come to a close.

That said, I am truly excited about the adventures and discoveries that lie around the corner. Who knows where this path will lead? Goodbye Wanderlust and Lipstick and thank you—it’s been a spectacular voyage.

IT’S OFFICIAL!! Come say hello on my NEW WEBSITE:


Ferry on Puget Sound

Or follow me on:

Armenian Paklava

Happy Trails,

Beth, aka Pampers and Paklava


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365 Project: A year in photographs

by Beth Shepherd
( January 14th, 2016 )

Making New Year’s resolutions is typically not my thing. But for 2016 I made a year-long commitment to take (at least) one photograph each day—a ‘365 Project.’ Some photographers give themselves “rules” for their 365—only shots of family, new technique each week or some other focus for their project. As for me: No rules. Just shoot!

Crazy picture-taking-gal that I am, I’m also taking on a ‘52 Project.’ One photograph each week for a full year. And for this project, I do have a focus. My subject for my 52 Project is our garden. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time, taking a year to record how the garden blooms, grows and dies across the seasons.

Here are a few of my photos from the first two weeks:

Ardea and Winslow in the tub


Mt Rainier





A shout out to Mamas with Cameras, the amazing and inspiring women I’ve met through this group—and their encouragement to tackle this project!

Take the road less traveled, Beth

Just a reminder—Official announcement when I am up and running:

Pampers and Paklava will be moving to my NEW WEBSITE,!

And if you want to read more about all things Pampers, follow me on Facebook, Twitter.

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