Perhaps you know that the FTC recently required full disclosure from bloggers who make a living for what they do. It’s no secret that I make money in the travel biz – but for the sake of clarification, this is what you might want to know:

  • Most (but not all) items I review, I receive for free. Assume this and I’ll let you know when the item is something that Santa left for me under the tree or came to me in some other way other than directly from the manufacturer.
  • I never request or accept an item from a manufacturer that I don’t think I’ll use myself. This is just wasteful and I have no interest in building up my junk or gift closet.
  • If it’s an item I like, I offer it for purchase on my site through various affiliates. If you buy through my site, you’re not paying any more for it than if you went directly to that website (i.e. Amazon) but I get a little (and I do mean a little) change for having recommended it.
  • On occasion I am offered (and gladly accept) free trips, tours or overnight stays through PR folks or convention and visitors bureaus.
  • I have close and long-term relationships with a number of manufacturers whose products I love and have used throughout my 20+ years of travel. Sometimes these companies sponsor me to travel to events. Sometimes they pay me to write articles. Whatever the nature of these exchanges, I never promote products that I don’t love and use myself. And if it’s a product I simply don’t like, you either won’t hear about it (I don’t have the room, time or interest in complaining) or I’ll give you the straight up pro’s and con’s about it.

Want to give me a product or free trip? Have an opinion about this? Let me know!


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