Solo Travel – Choosing Your Destination

Woman Holding GlobeWhen you’re a woman traveling solo, you’ll want to put some special thought into choosing your destination. And, every woman will have her own interpretation of what she considers to be an “easy” or “difficult” destination. One woman may feel completely at home in Bangladesh, while others may feel as if they’ve landed on another planet in this country.

Consider how important the following are when choosing your destination:

  • Do the people at your destination speak English (or your native tongue)?
  • Is the transportation system reliable?
  • Is the government stable?
  • What sort of government is in control (capitalist, dictatorship, socialist, etc.)?
  • Are the men known for their macho behavior?
  • Are the country’s traditions prejudicial against women?
  • Are the women residents oppressed?
  • Is there a specific dress code for women?
  • is the region known for violence?
  • Is the country currently involved in a war (civil or otherwise)?

Regardless of whether your travels will take you somewhere in your own country or abroad, you can ease yourself into the travel experience by starting with places that have some familiarity for you. Venture out to cities where you have friends or connections. Or, begin with a country where people speak your native language or one in which you are well versed.

If you’re uncomfortable with the whole idea of being on your own, try some solo activities closer to home first. Have dinner out by yourself. Go to the movies on your own. Or take a day trip to a place you’ve always wanted to explore!

Every woman will also have a different tolerance level for what she considers a challenge. Know yourself, challenge yourself and get ready for an adventure!

Photo credit:
Woman Holding Globe: Amy Riddle via Flickr

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