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Papua New Guinea Sepik River ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (February 22nd, 2013)

The Sepik River in the northern part of Papua New Guinea is the longest river in the country. It flows, in a northwestern fashion, from the west of the country, spilling briefly into Indonesia’s Papua, and then eastward into the Bismarck Sea. It’s not a swift flowing river, but it’s mighty. And it is SO [...]

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Papua New Guinea Cuisine – Nothing to Write Home About

by Beth Whitman (September 14th, 2012)

You don’t go to Papua New Guinea for the cuisine. That is at least if you’re looking for tourist-standard fare. For sure, there are some restaurants and hotels that serve good food – meaning appealing to tourists. But often those establishments have terrible service. It took us an hour and a half to get served [...]

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Huli Fortune Teller ~ Papua New Guinea

by Beth Whitman (September 7th, 2012)

One of the most interesting days for me (including all of my trips to Papua New Guinea) was the day we visited the village of Tari, where the Huli wigmen live. This is a tribe where the women and men live separately. In order to visit their village, we tourists had to duck through hobbit [...]

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