Ft. Lauderdale is Making a Comeback

by Robyn Porteen
( November 8th, 2015 )

Ft Lauderdale Florida

We all remember Ft. Lauderdale as being the Spring Break destination of the 80’s with the area being left in ruins after droves of college students and other young people swarmed the beaches.

Fast forward to the 2000’s and you will find a beautiful town with nice restaurants and beaches, restoration of some of the classic hotels from the 50’s and 60’s and Art and Culture coming back into the area.

History of Florida

The side streets off of the beach are filling up with artist galleries and fine or casual dining.

Art Scene


The Royal Palms Hotel is one of the Boutique Hotels that has had a beautiful restoration.

Boutique Hotels Royal-Palms


This destination is definitely worth the trip if you are looking for history, culture and relaxation. I think I will be giving Ft. Lauderdale another chance at being the place to vacation in Florida.


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Fall Leaves Photography by Hot Air Balloon

by Robyn Porteen
( October 18th, 2015 )

Hot Air Balloon

It’s that time of year again when summer is slowly fading away to reveal the cooler temperatures of the glorious fall season. Fall is marked by many things, apple picking, pumpkin patches, football games, and most of all the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves. Some of the most stunning leaves come from the Sugar Maple, Black Tupelo, Aspen, and the Sourwood trees.

Fog and Fall Leaves


If you love to photograph everything nature has to offer, then you are in your element during the fall due to its astounding beauty. You can photograph the changing trees on the ground, taking a slow walk through the park to smell the fresh autumn air as the leaves slowly turn crisp orange, bright red, and sweet yellow. Or you can take to the skies to photograph the fall foliage by air on your own hot air balloon ride. Wouldn’t that be just about the most fun you could have? The pictures you’ll get from your adventure will blow you away.

Balloon Being Prepared

Barn with Shadow

Many places throughout the country offer hot air balloon rides, especially to enjoy all the fabulous fall colors. It’s easy to go online and find Balloon companies or pilots in your area. Plus it’s less expensive then you might think. Get a group together, or just your family to spread out the cost a bit. They usually charge by the hour so you’ll have plenty of time to get some stellar photographs of all the trees while gliding through the crisp fall air.

Looking Down

Another option if you don’t’ have a hot balloon ride operation in the air, then you might just find a small airport in the area to hire a private pilot for a few hours. They can take you up high into the friendly skies to take as many pictures as you would like to. The vantage point from the sky will give you a whole new perspective on what the fall leaves look like from up above.

Balloon Above Tree


All Photography Copyright – Renae Stritzinger

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5 Reasons to Ditch the DSLR

by Robyn Porteen
( October 4th, 2015 )

Ditch the DSLR
The camera industry is rapidly changing and many people are ditching their big heavy DSLR cameras.

Owning a camera bag company means that I have to keep up with the latest trends in photography and I recently learned some interesting things.


• 2010 was the year that more cameras sold than any other year in the history of mankind. Camera sales have declined in the last five years and sales are now even with what they were back in 1998.

• More people are using phones and tablets for travel photography.  The quality of the imbedded cameras are more than needed for online portfolios. Online is where most people are using their photos.

• Big camera bodies and lenses will mainly be used by professional photographers and regular consumers will most likely be using phones and tablets.


Five reasons to ditch the DSLRs:

Heavy Bag

  1. Weight: No one likes to haul around a big heavy camera all the time. There can be many great photo opportunities missed because you left your camera home. Plus the aching neck and shoulder syndrome from carrying a camera around all day.

  2. Size: using a Smart device such as your phone or tablet eliminates the need for an extra bag. You can easily keep your device in a purse or smaller bag that you would use to carry light essentials for the day.

  3. Ease of loading your photos online: With a camera, especially if you are not tech savvy, you need to find the time to load all of your images onto your computer and size them appropriately for the web.  I still have 100’s of photos in this status from trips taken over the last few years that I haven’t had time to get to. You can choose and upload photos immediately from your phone to Facebook, Instagram and other online medias.

  4. Airport Time: Most people do not like to stow their expensive camera gear into checked luggage, which leaves you no other choice but to carry it on. If you like to travel light, you can minimize your time through airport security. They love stopping people with a heavy arsenal of camera gear and lenses.

  5. Never missing the shot: More than likely, you will always have your phone on you, you will have quick access to its camera. Many recent, great photos have been taken with phones. You will have more of an opportunity to capture the moment!

Phone Photo




Man with Big Camera – copyright: Luis Louro
Cameras – copyright: Ana Maria Tudor
Heavy Bag – copyright: Andrei Zaripov
Phones – copyright: Teerawut Masawat 

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