Keeping a Postcard Journal – Souvenir of Choice

by Robyn Porteen
( July 27th, 2014 )

Post cards collected to be kept in a journal for travel keepsakes

Keeping a Postcard Journal – Traveling abroad and experiencing a different culture can give you memories that last for a lifetime. There are many ways to bring those home. When I travel, the two most important items I bring with me are my camera and a journal.

Even though I will take many photos on my trip, I still like to keep a visual record in my journal that shows a sense of where I have been. Postcards can be an inexpensive and artistic way to do just that! I often buy a couple of carefully picked postcards and write a small detail of something experienced that day and then mail it home to myself. That way, I have the date, the postmark from that country and a memory to keep in my journal. Writing down anything you feel will always trigger the memory of that moment, no matter how mundane or crazy. Usually I take the time right before I fall asleep in the evening to prop a pillow up behind my back in bed, grab my journal and write little snippets or made up poems describing one of those moments in time.

Postcards with postage from different countries

Pick postcards that showcase the area, a local artist or a museum you might have visited on your trip. It is a pleasant surprise to receive them in the mail when you return home.

I will tuck them into the pages of my journal for safekeeping. Postcards are also great for miniature framed artwork to hang in a cluster on the wall.


Postcards and leather journalAll photography by Robyn Porteen


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Sharing Your Story – Travel Photography Tips – Part 3

by Robyn Porteen
( July 10th, 2014 )

Sharing your story – You are back from your trip or vacation and you have dozens, if not hundreds of photos. What do you do with them? If you planned your story while you were taking photos, you might already have an idea of how to gather and showcase them. Here are some great ways to showcase your story:


Flickr Albums


Flickr is a great way to store and showcase your photos! You can create individual albums for each trip or event. A basic account is free and you can create albums, slideshows and even password protected albums to keep your viewing private for family or friends. There are some really good groups on Flickr with photography exercises and competitions between group members to sharpen your skills. I have been a member of Flickr for a few years now and have photography friends from around the world. It’s a great source to study travel photography, street shooting and many other categories that might appeal to your taste in photography.



Instagram Photos

Instagram is now becoming one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos. It is designed to work with Smartphones and Tablets. If you plan on using Instagram to tell your story, the best way would be to do it as you are photographing on your trip. It is quick and easy to take a photo, pop a filter on it and create a caption. Your followers will get to see your day to day highlights as you experience them. You can also integrate your Instagram to your Facebook wall, store photos on your phone or tablet and save them for later to showcase when you return home. You can download the Instagram App on your device or go to to get started.

Coffee Table Book

Photography Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are another nice way to display your story in photos. They make a beautiful statement on a table or book shelf. You can add text to your pages or even journal entries to describe the moments that you experienced. They are a great portable way to carry your photos when visiting relatives or showing off your portfolio. I use because they have a user-friendly website and you can build it right online with the option to sell them on

Slideshow with Music

Animoto Slideshows


Animoto is another way to share your photos. You can create a visually stunning masterpiece with music. The basic options are free and they have a huge library of music of all genres to choose from. You provide the photos, you pick the music and they provide the magic by combining everything together for you.  You provide the photos, pick the music and they do the magic!

All Photography by Porteen Photography – Robyn Porteen

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Capture a Story – Travel Photography – Part 2

by Robyn Porteen
( July 3rd, 2014 )

Dome of the RockCapturing a story with your photos is a great way to make a record of your travels. It is also a wonderful way to remember all of those special places and moments in time, captured during your journeys.

I like to tell a story with my travel photography. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to land that one perfect, award-winning shot, but most of the time, I am working on a story. Think about what you would like to share or remember about your experience in a new place and start with the small details. A series of photos usually tells the story in more detail than one photo.

London hotel room

If the hotel is unique or is a place you want to remember, photograph some of the details. It might be the chandelier in the lobby, a sample of unique architecture on the exterior of the building, the cool carpet in the hallway or even the entry way or the view out of your window.  Do the same with the area or town you are visiting. Sidewalk details, architecture, shop doors or  signage that might have the town or city name. If you are in the wilderness, it might be the plant species or scenic views. The small details make great covers for books and title slates for portfolios.

New Orleans Street Views

If you want to remember how a certain event felt, take a sequence of images to record the event. For example, I took a ride on the London Eye and wanted to remember the beautiful scenery but also the sensation of height during that ride.

Ride on the London Eye

I took photos of the details and of the scenery to help me remember the feeling of how big and grand this Ferris Wheel is. Looking at all of these photos took me right back to that ride! I remember feeling slightly scared and I definitely did not want to test the sign that said, Do Not Lean Against Doors!

Ride on the London Eye


I have documented many places with my photography and have thousands of photos in my archive. When trying to figure out what to do with these, I decided to make a coffee table book of each trip that was an important memory for me.

In Part Three, we will cover some of the options for archiving your photos that tell a story, whether it is a book, a video photo album or an online service like Instagram.

All Photography by Porteen Photography – Robyn Porteen

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