4 Days of Gifts: Give a Little Holiday Spirits

by Rebecca Rhoades
( December 22nd, 2014 )

With only three more days until Christmas, it’s a good thing that you’ve already crossed friends, family, and coworkers off your list, thanks to Wanderlush’s gift guides for the home bartender and teetotaler alike, and you’ve also stuffed their stockings full of fun, flavorful surprises. But now comes the most difficult part: what to bring to that special holiday party to which you’ve been invited. From Christmas through New Year’s, the next few weeks will be brimming with festive gatherings. And to me, nothing says “celebrate” more than a bottle of boutique spirits. So run, don’t walk to your favorite neighborhood liquor store and pick up one of these scrumptious selections.


Christmas Spirit

Christmas SpiritWhen you said you’d be there with Christmas Spirit, you meant more than just a festive attitude. This limited edition 90-proof white spirit is double distilled from Anchor Distilling’s 2012 Christmas Ale. Capturing the essence of the holiday, it features such seasonal scents as spices, clove, orange peel, and poached apple, and its warmth lingers on the palate with notes of spiced apple, baking spices, and dried fruit. Distribution is restricted to California only.


Feisty Spirits American Roots Whiskey

Feisty Spirits WhiskeyWhat’s the best liquor to drink on a cold winter’s night? Whiskey, of course. And the whiskeys from Feisty Spirits, the first craft distillery in Fort Collins, Colorado, not only tastes great, but it helps warm the soul. American Roots gets it name and flavor from a root tea that is infused into a whiskey made from locally sourced milled. Featuring a strong nutmeg and allspice aroma, with wildflower notes, American Spirits starts out smooth, transitions into notes of saffron, and ends with a hint of anise. Available for in-store and online purchase at liquor stores throughout Colorado.


Equality Vodka

Equality VodkaGive the gift of good taste and social awareness with this 80-proof ultra-premium vodka. A portion of sales from every bottle goes to Lambda Legal, a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education, and public policy work. Distribution is limited to Dallas, Texas.


G’Vine Gin

G'Vine GinThe French are known around the world for their wine, but this new gin just might change people’s perception. Produced in the region of Cognac, G’Vine is distilled from the Ugni Blanc grape—the first ever gin to use grapes as its base spirit–as well as macerated grape vine flower blossoms. G’Vine FLoraison (40% ABV) features vibrant floral notes but finished with a zesty mix of juniper and ginger. G’Vine Nouaison (43.9% ABV) is notably spicier, with notes of juniper and citrus.


J.R. Ewing Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

J.R. Ewing Bourbon ReserveYour host will like an oil baron when you give him the gift of this four-year-old, 80-proof premium private-reserve bourbon. Bottled in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country, J.R. Ewing bourbon is well-balanced with a light amber color. The nose is classic and slightly fruity with notes of vanilla, oak, and orange, while the taste is surprisingly mild, yet crisp, with a light spicy/honey taste that lingers. Available in select states. See website for more information.


Howdy Stranger Vodka

Howdy Stranger VodkaHouston, Texas-based Yellow Rose Distilling is known for its award-winning bourbons and whiskeys. Now it’s making its first foray into white spirits with Howdy Stranger vodka. Made from 100% local corn, Howdy Stranger is distilled 12 times and charcoal filtered for maximum flavor, clarity, and enjoyment. Perfect for cold-weather sipping or mixing in crowd-pleasing cocktails. howdystrangervodka.com


Selvarey Rum

Selvarey RumRum is experiencing a renaissance as of late, and Selvarey is bringing an elegance and refinement to the spirit with its award-winning boutique Panamanian White and Cacao rums. Co-founded by singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, Selvarey was born out of a desire to create a refined sipping rum. The company collaborated with legendary master blender and former Cuban Minister of Rum Francisco “Don Pacho” Fernandez to formulate the perfect recipe. Selvarey White (40% ABV) features notes of citrus, oak, and honey; while Selvarey Cacao opens with notes of toffee, cardamom, and toasted oak, and finishes on the palate with a charming but not overly sweet chocolate aroma. Available nationwide through Hi-Times Wine Cellars.


American Born Moonshine

American Born MoonshineNothing is more American than distilled spirits, except perhaps football and the Marines. So it was only natural that in 2012 former Notre Dame quarterback Patrick Dillingham and former U.S. Marine Corps captain and Iraq War veteran Sean Koffel founded American Born Moonshine. This family of moonshine products honors the tradition of authentic mountain moonshine and the patriotic Amercan rebel spirit. It is available in three flavors: Original, a 103-proof, un-aged corn whiskey that offers a smooth finish and remarkable mixability; Apple Pie (83 proof) with its natural apple and cinnamon flavors and a hint of caramel; and Dixie (83 proof), the first-ever sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Available mainly in the Southeast and in the West.

Veni, Vidi, Bibi!


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4 Days of Gifts: The Non-Drinker

by Rebecca Rhoades
( December 20th, 2014 )

Buying gifts for the home bartender is fun and easy, but what if the recipient of your generosity doesn’t drink alcohol? Day 3 of Wanderlush’s four-day holiday gift guide features some delicious booze-free beverage gifts that are sure to please everyone from Grandma to your boss to your best friend (and holiday party designated driver). Enjoy!


Big T NYC Couture Collection

Big T NYC tea setNothing warms you up more on a cold winter day than a hot cup of tea. And with Big T NYC, you aren’t getting just any old tea. Big T NYC combines the highest quality, 100 percent organic, single-origin whole-leaf teas into deliciously sophisticated one-of-a-kind blends. Give the gift of flavor and luxury with this exclusive Couture Collection tea gift pack. It includes three loose-leaf teas—Tell-Tale Glow white tea, Unexpected Fling green tea, and Baby It’s Cold Outside black tea—an infuser, and a guide for making the perfect cup of tea.


Mocktails Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Mocktailsby Mocktail Beverages, Inc.
With Mocktails Brand’s line of non-alcoholic cocktails, you don’t have to sacrifice taste by sacrificing the alcohol. Made with the health-conscious consumer in mind, Mocktails contain no high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, and they’re allergen-, gluten-, and BPA-free. Best of all, they come in a variety of fun flavors, including Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan, The Vida Loca Margarita, Sevilla Red Sangria, and Scottish Lemonade Whiskey Sour. Serve them chilled straight from their own shaker bottles or add your favorite spirit for a more traditional boozy drink.
$39.95/4 pack (serves 16 drinks)


Slingshot Cold Brew Coffee

Slingshot Coffeesby Slingshot Coffee Co.
Mr. Wanderlush is a huge fan of cold-brewed coffee, and Slingshot offers one of the best. Hand-brewed and bottled in small batches using only two ingredients—quality, in-season, single-origin, organic coffee beans roasted by North Carolina roasters Counter Culture Coffee, and filtered tap water—Slingshot’s cold-brewed coffee is available in a 16-ounce concentrate (four servings) and a 16-ounce ready-to-drink version (two servings). Savor alone or add whiskey, vodka, or chocolate liqueur for a festive coffee tipple.
$17/1 ready-to-drink + 1 concentrate



V/NoDoes someone on your gift list love wine but not the alcohol? Give them V/No premium alcohol-removed wines. These aren’t just wine-flavored beverages. Made like traditional wines, with pressed and fermented fruit, V/No removes the alcohol prior to bottling through a process known as cold filtration. Less than 0.5 percent alcohol remains. Individually packaged in single-serve bottles (that open to create a serving flute), V/No de-alcoholized wines are available in Red, White, and Rose.
$299/bottle; $29.99/12 pack


Thé N°25 Cannelle & Orange Tea

Palais des Thes No25by Palais des Thes
Parisian tea company, Palais des Thes, known for its premium all-natural teas, offers its 2014 holiday limited edition flavor: Thé N°25 Cannelle & Orange. This delicious brew, which combines green tea with cinnamon, orange peel, almond, ginger, lemon zest and vanilla pods, is the perfect pairing for those scrumptious holiday desserts. The N°25 Cannelle & Orange, along with the other N°25 holiday teas (black, green, white, and rooibos blend), is packaged in a gift-ready metal canister (3.5 ounces of whole-leaf loose tea).


Ritual Juice

Ritual Juiceby Ritual Wellness
Enhance your diet with the pure goodness of nature’s best fruits and vegetables. Each 16-ounce bottle of raw organic Ritual Juice is bursting with flavor and vitamins. Meant to be enjoyed on their own, Ritual Juices can also be paired with alcohol for unique, premium organic cocktails (special “mixer labels” are attached to the bottles). Try such bold flavors as Spicy Cucumber (with cucumber, lime, raw agave, and jalapeno), Pineapple Mint (with pineapple, young coconut, mint, and apple), Spicy Lemonade (with raw agave, lemon, and cayenne), or Almond Mylk (with almond, cinnamon, vanilla, and raw agave). Then there’s the Greens: Green Lemon, Sweet Green, and Green Ginger, featuring such healthy ingredients as kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, and parsley. Greens pack the equivalent of up to four pounds of veggies in each bottle.


Veni, Vidi, Bibi!


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4 Days of Gifts: Home and Travel

by Rebecca Rhoades
( December 19th, 2014 )

Yesterday, Wanderlush Diary offered you a selection of stocking stuffers perfect for drink-lover in your life. Part 2 of our four-day holiday gift guide features some suggestions for gifts for under the tree, as well as some great accessories for those who are heading home for the holidays or who are simply heading across town for that fabulous party. These gifts will bring a smile to even the most grouchy of Grinches.


The Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin KitStep away from the bathtub! Now you can make gin safely and legally at home in just 36 hours with The Homemade Gin Kit. The kit provides you with just about everything you need to make a fresh, delicious gin. All you need to add is the vodka. Each kit comes with two 375-ml glass bottles, “gin-gredients” (juniper berries and a special botanical blend), stainless steel funnel, strainer, and instructions.

Upcycled Spirit Decanters

Upcycled Decantersby Reclamation Etchworks
Once destined for a landfill or recycling center, these upcycled decanters add a touch of old-time sophistication to any home bar. Salvaged from restaurants in San Francisco, each bottle is cleaned and sanitized before being permanently etched with Deco/Nouveau-inspired artwork. Beautiful and eco-friendly! The Variance Set with its uniquely shaped bottles features Bourbon, Genievre (Gin), Agave, and Rhum, while the Constance Decanter offers a consistent shape and includes such spirit titles as Rye, Scotch, Whiskey, Cognac, Absinthe, and Vodka.
Variance Set: $199; Constance Decanter: $39/single bottle, $99/set of 4

Shake, Stir, Pour

Shake, Stir, Pourby Katie Loeb
Do you love creative, flavorful cocktails but hate using all of the overly sweet, artificially flavored spirits and mixers available in your local store? Well then, this book is for you (or any home bartender on your list). Created by one of Philadelphia’s top mixologists, you’ll learn how make farm-fresh versions of your favorite drinks. You’ll also learn how to make your own syrups, infusions, and bar basics. Once you’ve tasted fresh, you’ll never go back.

Bloody Mary Crate

Bloody Mary crateby Olive & Cocoa
Everything you need to make this classic cocktail: two eight ounce bottles of sour pickle brine Bloody Mary concentrate, plus ghost pepper hot sauce, key lime juice, and sweet corn rimming salts. Simply add your own tomato juice and spirits, and stir! Fixings for about eight drinks plus recipe cards all come gift wrapped together in a hand-crafted wood crate with ribbon.

Wine Caddy

Wine Caddyby Ame & Lulu
For the discerning wine drinker, accessories brand Ame & Lulu now offers the stylish Wine Caddy. This sturdy canvas tote features a top zip closure, padded liner, and interior zip pocket. It comfortably fits two wine or spirit bottles with room for personal items or even cheese or fruit. Carrying beverages has never been this chic.
$56.00; embroidery available for an additional $30

Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set

Bitter Truth travelers setby The Bitter Truth
Travel, especially air travel, can challenge even the most dedicated professional or at-home bartender, especially when it comes to transporting key ingredients. The Bitter Truth Traveler’s Set fits perfectly in carry-on luggage, ensuring that you’ll never again miss creating your favorite drink in-flight or at your destination. The set includes five 20-ml bottles in five flavors: Celery, Old Time Aromatic, Orange, Creole, and Jerry Thomas bitters
Available in fine liquor stores nationwide

Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugsby Olive & Cocoa
Moscow Mules are the in drink this season, and there’s no better way to enjoy the refreshing cocktail classic than with these chic copper mugs. Made from beautiful tarnish-free copper with hammered detailing, the mugs feature brass handles and nickel linings to keep beverages perfectly chilled. Each mug holds 16 ounces and sets of two or four mugs plus unique recipe cards come beautifully gift wrapped in a hand-crafted wood crate with ribbon.
$118/set of 2; $188/set of 4

Jelly Shots

Jelly Shotsby Ludlow Cocktails
Remember how much fun jello shots were when you were younger? But then you grew up and developed a more sophisticated palate. Well now jello shots have grown up, too. Ludlow’s 30-proof, all-natural, prepackaged Jelly Shots are made with premium spirits—like 2-year barrel-aged straight Indiana bourbon whisky, 100 percent agave blanco tequila, and 2-year barrel-aged dark Trinidad rum—and real juices. Five flavors are available: Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Meyer Lemon Drop, Planter’s Punch, and Fresh Lime Margarita. Serve a selection at your next holiday gathering or give some as hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.
$12.95/5 pack

“Travel Around” Wine Gift Set

Millesima Bordeaux gift setby Millesima
A vacation to may be out of your gift-giving budget, but now you can send your loved one’s taste buds on a memorable journey with French wine merchant Millesima’s Wine Gift Sets. Send wine lovers on a liquid escape to such wine regions as Bordeaux, Burgandy, Champagne, and Italy. Each gift package is available in either three- or six-bottle sets and includes an informational leaflet and gift-wrapping. The six-packs also include a resuable grey linen wine travel tote.
Prices vary from $90/three-bottle Bordeaux Discovery set to $660/six-bottle Bordeaux Connoisseur set

Faces Bar Set

Funny Face Bar toolsby WMF
Bar tools are a must-have item for any home bar, but who says that they have to be boring. This cute set is not only functional, but the fun characters will bring a smile to all of your guests. Made out of polished Cromargan stainless steel and designed by Mattheo Thun, this unique seven-piece set includes a stirrer, bar knife, bottle stopper, strainer, ice tongs, and measure, as well as an attractive holder.

Stubby Strip Vino

Stubby StripThe hottest product in Australia has now made its way stateside. The Stubby Strip Vino offers an easy, comfortable way to carry up to four bottles of wine—or for the cocktail enthusiast, a shaker, two bottles of liquor, and a mixer—while the high-quality neoprene keeps bottles cool. Best of all, bottles won’t accidentally fall out. Perfect for parties, picnics, camping, travel, tailgating, the beach, boating, or just about any occasion you can think of. Stubby Strips are also available in 7-drink sizes (shown), perfect for beer, soft drinks, and water bottles.

LIQS Cocktail Shots

LIQSYou’ll be the life of the party when you bring along LIQS super-premium, ready-made cocktail shots. These individually packaged drinks are perfect for gatherings where there is no bartender, like beach parties, tailgating, camping, BBQs, and much more. Simply chill on ice and serve. Four signature flavors are available: Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange, Vodka-Cucumber-Lime, Vodka Kamikaze, Vodka-Lychee-Grapefruit.
Currently available in stores in Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas, or online.
$9.99/1 pack of three; $17.95/2 packs of three; $35.95/12 shots

Genesis Champagne & Wine Preserver

Genesis Wine preserverby Napa Technology
Have you ever opened a bottle of wine, had a glass, and then decided that you don’t want to finish the entire bottle? Now you don’t have to worry about letting any of that leftover wine go to waste. The Genesis wine preservation system will preserve opened bottles of wine for up to two months. Open bottles of champagne or sparkling wine will last for five to seven days. It’s the perfect gift for the oenophile who has everything.
$499; additional IntelliCorks and WineGas capsules sold separately



Veni, Vidi, Bibi!


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