Chase Away the Clouds at Chihuly Garden and Glass

by Nancy Mueller
( March 13th, 2015 )


Need a color infusion to brighten your cloudy days? In Seattle, look no further than Chihuly Garden and Glass for a striking counterbalance to Fifty Shades of Grey in the Pacific Northwest. Showcasing the works of local glass artist, Dale Chihuly, the long-term exhibit at Seattle Center offers a vibrant tonic of sumptuous colors, innovation and inspiration.


Wandering through the stunning collection reminds me of the Navajo prayer and blessing, “Walking in Beauty:”

Beauty is before
me, and beauty
is behind me,
Above me and
below me hovers
the beautiful.


In color palettes ranging from cobalt blues to fiery reds, in tones from golden yellows, iridescent orange to honey amber, the collection dazzles as a movable feast for the senses.


Visitors can learn more about the eight art galleries, soaring glasshouse, and outdoor garden in daily spotlight talks with exhibition hosts. The notable galleries include a Sealife Room, Chandeliers . . .

Chihuly Ikebana and Float Boats

Ikebana and Float Boats . . .

Chihuly Float Boats

Macchia Forest . . .



Glasshouse and Garden.



For more information about the exhibit, special events or to purchase tickets to Walk with the Gardener visit Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Wander on!


What about you, wanderboomers? What’s your favorite way to beat the winter blues?


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Fifty Shades of Grey in the Pacific Northwest

by Nancy Mueller
( February 16th, 2015 )

Gray Northwest Sky

Fifty Shades of Grey? For as many words as there are for snow in the Inuit language, we have at least that many for the color gray here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Though we Americans usually spell the hue that lands between black and white on the color wheel as ”gray” unlike our British friends who opt for “grey.” Unless we’re talking about a movie premier, of course.

Beyond the book or film, as any true Northwesterner knows, we bask in a wild beauty of subtlety, nuance, . . . um, shades of gray in our region. From our remarkable wildlife to our natural wonders . . . From our style of architecture to, of course, our well-known cloudy climate.

For starters, we have glacier gray . . .

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier, – Juneau, Alaska

Goeduck (pronounced “gooey” duck) shell gray . . .

Geoduck Taylor Shellfish Farm

and Gray-whale gray kind of of days . . . Gray-shingle gray . . . Garter snake gray and gray-blue skies kind of gray.

Gray-blue sky

Blue-gray skies

We have gloomy gray . . .

Gloomy gray

Gray wolf gray . . . and Robert Gray sea-gray shades of gray.


Mt. Baker

How about you, wanderboomers? How many shades of grey have you found in the Pacific Northwest?

Wander on!







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NFL Super Bowl XLIX: Go Hawks!

by Nancy Mueller
( January 27th, 2015 )

Saguaro sky

While the East Coast readied for bombogenesis (the ultimate snow bomb) this week, we Seattleites have enjoyed unusually balmy weather with clear, sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. Rain is moving in again, but overall, not a bad backdrop for our weeklong celebration honoring the Seattle Seahawks, top contenders for the NFL Super Bowl XLIX championship next Sunday.

If you’re one of the lucky 12th Man members who plan to visit Phoenix for the big game, you’ll find plenty of fun celebrations to attend throughout that city, too, this week, even if you can’t make it inside the University of Phoenix Stadium for the Super Bowl game itself. Here’s how to make the most of your stay:

Seattle Seahawks

NFL Experience (January 27th – February 1st)

For what looks like the biggest bang for your buck, a $35.00 entry fee for adults ($20. age 12 and under), gets you into an interactive theme park with games, exhibits, a photo op with the Vince Lombardi trophy, autographs with NFL players like Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (today between 5 and 7PM!), and youth football clinics.

Where: Phoenix Convention Center

For more information call 866-TIX-4NFL (849-4635) or visit

Verizon Super Bowl Central (January 28th – February 1st)

More family-friendly entertainment with free admission awaits at Verizon Superbowl Central. Covering 12 blocks in downtown Phoenix, football fans can enjoy live music and nightly fireworks, a chance to mingle with former NFL players and watch commentators at outdoor broadcast areas.

Where: Downtown Phoenix North border: Monroe Street East border: 5th Street South border: Jefferson Street West border: 1st Avenue

For more information visit Verizon Superbowl Central.

The Grand Canyon Experience (January 28th – February 1st)

Not to worry if your plans don’t include a visit to Arizona’s star attraction, the Grand Canyon, on this trip. Within the 12-block perimeter of Verizon Super Bowl Central, organizers have created a rock wall set designed with rock texture to resemble the mesmerizing monument’s natural terrain. The site includes a dramatic 20-foot waterfall and 18-foot video screen at the peak. Up to 20 novice and experienced climbers can scale the wall at a time.

Where: Verizon Super Bowl Central

For more information visit The Grand  Canyon Experience.

Skeptical Chymist: An Irish Restaurant & Pub

So where do Seattle’s 12th Man fans congregate to watch the Super Bowl XLIX game if you’re not a lucky ticket holder? Word on the street is that the Skeptical Chymist attracts the largest Seahawks’ fan base in Arizona. Celebrations begin on Thursday at 7PM, followed by a viewing of the NBC Seattle King 5 morning show from 6 – 10 AM on “Blue Friday” and a 12th Man Rally on Saturday at 7PM. Doors open at 11AM on Super Bowl Sunday. $15.00 gets you in the door, but plan your place in line because the Skeptical Chymist doesn’t take reservations.

For more information visit Skeptical Chymist.

Thanks to host Visit Phoenix for the chance to discover how the city is rolling out the red carpet to Super Bowl fans this week! If you’d like to explore all that Phoenix has to offer beyond the Super Bowl festivities, check out Visit Phoenix.

Wander on! Go Hawks!


Where will you be watching NFL Super Bowl XLIX  and cheering on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, wanderboomers?





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