Dish: Loup de Mer at Maison Boulud in Montréal

by Rachel Staggs
( October 15th, 2014 )

loup de mer maison boulud

I have always dreamed of dining in one of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants and was lucky enough to do so while visiting Montréal. Maison Boulud is located inside the beautifully historic Ritz-Carlton.

maison boulud menu

I ordered the Loup de Mer with fennel and figs. Each bite was a beautiful symphony of flavors – each note perfectly balanced. Cheers to Executive Chef Riccardo Bertolino!

It’s a dish I would order again if I had the chance. I’ve recently looked at their menu online and it’s not there. Maybe it was seasonal, or a daily special, I’m not certain. Maybe it was all a dream!

maison boulud fireplace

The space is gorgeous with light reflecting off of many of the surfaces, including the fireplace. I imagine it’s quite romantic in the evening.

If you’re in the area, stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Better yet, spend the night at The Ritz-Carlton and enjoy all three!

The Ritz-Carlton Montréal
1228 Sherbrooke St. West
Montréal, PQH3G 1H6
Phone:  +1 (514) 842-4212

May your journey be your muse,


Some or all of this experience was sponsored which may include travel and other costs. All opinions are my own.

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Road Trip: West Texas Clouds

by Rachel Staggs
( October 9th, 2014 )

west texas clouds

Just over a week ago, my husband and I embarked on a last minute art delivery across the state of Texas. My medium format film photography has been traveling across the country in an adorable airstream trailer full of art, vintage, vinyl, and provisions for the road.

small room collective

I met the folks with Small Room Collective this past March when we were in Marfa celebrating my birthday. They were kind enough to welcome my artwork into their beautifully curated mobile gallery and shop. It’s been great fun to follow them on Instagram and see my artwork traveling all over the United States. Be sure to check out their tour schedule to see when they will be in a city near you!

iraan texas rest stop

iraan texas rest stop

The clouds in West Texas are always awe-inspiring, but these were particularly stunning and went on for miles.

texas rest stop moto

Even the rest stops were beautiful! We crossed paths with this Harley couple several times along the interstate when stopping for gas or taking a snack break. The handlebars on her bike had the most amazing fringe.

west texas clouds

west texas clouds

After turning off the interstate to head toward Marfa, the landscape is sprinkled with beautiful mountains and mesas.

west texas clouds

west texas clouds

west texas clouds

west texas clouds and sky

I looked up through the sunroof and was treated to this beautiful view.

west texas clouds

It always amazes me how many power lines are stretched across uninhabited areas to get to these small West Texas towns.

marfa texas clouds

We only got to spend one night in Marfa, which is a first. It takes so long to get there, we always try to stay a few nights or more. Even though it was a quick round-trip, I was still able to enjoy the relaxed energy that makes Marfa such a great escape from the city. Look at those clouds!

May your journey be your muse,


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Montréal: Dyad Cycles

by Rachel Staggs
( October 4th, 2014 )

scooters on top of mont royal

I had the pleasure of exploring Mont Royal, Montréal’s mountain, on an electric scooter. It was my first scooter ride and I was quite nervous. I think riding in a pack of seven ladies helped calm my nerves and after a few blocks, it felt natural.

top of mont royal

Dyad’s electric scooters are legally classified as power-assisted bicycles, at least in Canada. I’m trying to find out the rules here in the United States because I’d really like to save up for one!

It was so much fun. It made getting up Mont Royal much easier than it would have been on foot and that left more time for exploring the city.

rachel staggs dyad scooterPhoto courtesy of Magalie Boutin

Rentals are available by the hour, day, week, or month and prices depend on how many miles you expect to go.

When we were traversing Montréal’s La Plateau and Mont Royal neighborhoods, I felt safest on Rue Rachel (!) because it has a long trail of bikes lanes, many of them protected.

dyad cycles rachel on scooterPhoto courtesy of Magalie Boutin

When I return to this beautiful city, riding a Dyad E500 is one of the activities I can’t wait to try again!

Dyad Cycles (Plateau)
80 Rue Prince Arthur Est
Montréal, QC H2X 1B3
Phone: (438) 380-9880

May your journey be your muse,

Some or all of this trip was sponsored which may include travel and other costs. All opinions are my own.

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