Dublin Street Style – June 2015

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( June 27th, 2015 )

A dear friend of mine took a little jaunt to Ireland to get to know her homeland. While she was there she did a little research for me (thanks, Lo!)—and bought me a lovely little top at the thrift store—they call them “charity shops” (double thanks!).

Dublin is a fairly trendy city, so prepare to put your best foot forward. But don’t freak about the footwear too much; there were a lot of people who were wearing business casual still wore tennis shoes for walking around, so even if you wear good walking shoes on your visit, it won’t be a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist. Even if you look a little touristy, the Irish won’t frown on it. They’ll want to know where you’re from. If you go to the right places, they may even try to sing a song about your city.

The weather in the summer in Dublin is warm and mild, drier than the rest of the year, but there is still a good chance you’ll encounter wind and rain, so be prepared with close-toed shoes and a decent rain jacket.

Thanks to these ladies for allowing us to post their photograph and share their sweet looks with you! Check out their Dublin street style.

Dublin street style Dublin Street Style Dublin Style Wearing purple in Dublin Ireland style


Photo Credit: Lauren Loudon


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What to Wear in Paris in the Summer

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( May 30th, 2015 )

So you’re going to Paris… Time to start thinking about what to wear in Paris. While Paris is a stylish place, it isn’t that hard to keep up with the French if you think minimalist, classic, basic, quality over quantity. A pair of skinny pants, ankle boots, plain white shirt, leather jacket, and high quality pair of sunglasses will have you blending right in. Below I’ve mixed up some ideas for you.

What to Wear in Paris

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses / Damero Retro Cross-Body Bag / Retro Road Trip Hat / Have to Tri These Earrings / A Work of Heart Top / Tank You Kindly Top / Caslon Knit Blazer / Seven For All Mankind Mid-Rise Skinny Jean / Karen Kane A-Line Dress / Leandra Knit Short / Clarks Spye Belle Bootie


Bags – Satchel-style purses are the thing, they are simple, intelligent-looking, classic.

Shirts – No need to splurge here as long as your accessories are high quality. Think H&M shirt, Gucci sunglasses. If you’re looking for a high quality basic tee, look at Krochet Kids’ Standard Tee; it’s high quality and ethical.

Jackets – A smart cardigan, classic trench, sleek blazer, or simple leather jacket will do here. I haven’t pictured one here, but you’ll want a rain jacket in the summer, July is actually one of the wettest seasons. Also, the weather is generally fairly cool (averaging around 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and balmy that time of year.

Pants – Think skinny. A good trouser will also do. I threw in the knit shorts, because they are fun and edgy but fit in with the other classic pieces. It doesn’t hurt to be a little fashion forward in Paris.

Shoes – Low-heeled ankle boots are big in Paris, and suitable for most activities in most seasons. A little sneaker will also fit right in, so long as it is cute and not too bulky.

Dress – Choose a dress you can wear alone with sneakers, or with a nice jacket, necklace, and heeled booties. As usual, the pieces pictured above could be worn in any combination, perfect for remixing and getting lots of outfits and not-too-much luggage.

Hair – Leave your hair a little rumpled and natural. This trend is perfect for the weary traveler, just take a few minutes to make your effortless-looking messy hair look a teeny bit intentional.

Makeup – Neutral face (like you aren’t wearing any at all—or just don’t wear any). Red lip. All you need in Paris is your wanderlust and your lipstick.


Go in style,


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Ahnu Montara Hiking Boot

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( May 27th, 2015 )

Montara hiking Boot Montara hiking bootMontara hiking boot

After reviewing Ahnu’s Emeryville Oxfords, I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to see what Ahnu design and technology could do for a hiking boot. When I told them of my interest, the promptly sent along the Montara hiking boot in astral aura for me, and the Coburn boot in olive for my husband. They wanted his feet to be comfy, too. How kind! I’ll include Ty’s feedback on the Coburn boot in a future post!

So far I’ve taken the Montara hiking boot on several day hikes and one backpacking trip to Hell’s Canyon, but I didn’t have to take them anywhere at all to see how cute they are. I’ve never really felt like I could get away with wearing hiking boots around town, but these are so light and still dainty looking, so I don’t feel weird just going on a normal walk in them or wearing them to do something as simple as Geo Cache and get ice cream with family. They look good with my jeans as well as my hiking clothes. Not only are they cute, but they are lighter than any other boot I have tried. They are true to size, supportive, and there was no break-in time.

I tested the waterproofing in these boots to the limit and experienced no leakage. Just check out the pictures!

First, I went to step in the shallow stream. Then this happened. Just mud, up to my ankles, almost!

Montara hiking bootMontara hiking boot

Then I went to rinse them off and take a stroll up a part of the stream with a slightly more solid bottom.

Montara hiking bootMontara hiking bootMontara hiking boot

Good as new! I was utterly amazed. And my feet were dry. I feel invincible in these. Despite such serious waterproofing, Ahnu uses eVENT technology to keep them breathable. They definitely weren’t sweat buckets, even in the pretty intense heat we experienced in Hell’s Canyon.

Montara hiking boot

After my two experiences with Ahnu shoes, I would recommend the brand for just about anything. Next time I need a comfy pair of sandals… Ahnu. Yoga shoes… Ahnu. Boots… Ahnu. For anyone looking to get a hiking boot, I would say you don’t even need to shop around, just browse Ahnu, you’ll find something top-of-the-line, stylish, and ethically made.

Buy the Montara hiking boot here!

Modeling Montara hiking Boot

Go in style,



Photo Credit: Brittan Hart


I received this item for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.



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