Mountain Khakis Summer: Sunnyside Tunic and Island Short

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( July 24th, 2015 )

Tunic shoulder closeuptunic shorts closeuptunic over the shoulder

I think by now here at WanderChic we’ve established that Mountain Khakis is a pretty sweet brand making adorable clothes—built to last—at an affordable price, so it’s no mystery why I was excited to try out a couple pieces from their newest line: the Island short and Sunnyside tunic. I’m having myself a Mountain Khakis summer.

I wore these items to the lake a few weeks ago, at which time I especially enjoyed wearing the Sunnyside tunic as a swim coverup. The cotton/twill chambray is a perfect material for throwing over a swimsuit, breezy, cool, won’t absorb water from your suit. Also I love that the fabric has that nice dark hue on the other side, it’s a lovely detail.

Speaking of details, check out that embroidery! It’s so cute. It takes what would be breezy bohemian chic and adds a fun twist with the neon thread.

As I said, my favorite way to wear to tunic is without pants over a swimsuit. It’s a a little too short to wear without pants for any other occasion. I’ve also worn it with tights or shorts (as pictured). I originally ordered a small, but I discovered I liked the fit better when I went down to an XS. I’d recommend sizing down.

The Island short is a conservative length, which I like. I also thought the oxford weave material felt nice and light on my skin with it’s linen-like texture. Just be sure to remove them promptly from the dryer, they will wrinkle, like anything of that weight and texture.

Why do they call it the Island Short? Well besides the fact that anyone could have a blast wearing these on an island vacation, the buttons are also made from coconut, how fun!

Regarding sizing, they told me the Island Collection tends to run a bit big, so we started me with a size 2 instead of my usual 4. I ended up exchanging them for a size 4 anyway, so they are pretty true to size in my experience.

Be sure to check out everything in the new Mountain Khakis Collection, here.

Go in style!



Photo Credit: Ty Barnes


*I received this item for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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Combat Flip Flops Cover and Concealment Sarong

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( July 3rd, 2015 )

Cover and Concealment Sarong edge

Cover and Concealment Sarong halter

Cover and Concealment Sarong at lake

There’s a bit of a heat wave in my town. It was 107 this past Sunday! Let’s just say, some trips to the lake have been in order, and I’ve been sure to bring my new Cover & Concealment Sarong from Combat Flip Flops. The name Cover and Concealment isn’t about modesty, as it may initially sound. It’s about how soldiers are taught to look for cover and concealment. Keep it with you in case you need shade, in case you want to cover your head or body.

The military name for this garment is no accident. Combat Flip Flops is a veteran-owned company. They believe that business is a more powerful tool for peace than bullets, and so they strive to create opportunities for “self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict” geared toward mindful consumers. Like you!

The Cover and Concealment Sarong is handmade by women in Kabul, Afghanistan. For every sarong purchased, the manufacturer donates funds to put an Afghan woman in secondary school for one week. The designs reveal “glimpses of Afghan heritage blended with beautiful fabrics and vibrant colors.” Each sarong takes three whole days to make.

You can wear it as a scarf, you can wear it as a one-shoulder dress, you can wear it as a halter dress (pictured), you can wrap it around or lay it on top of yourself to protect your skin from the elements, you can use it as a scarf with or without a head covering. I wore it often as a scarf with my little black dress and heeled boots and received many compliments. People said it looked expensive. The extremely high quality of the Cover and Concealment Sarong is easily discernible.

The Cover and Concealment Sarong is 72” x 42” (typical size for a sarong) of light and airy cotton with hand-embroidered nylon thread. So soft!

These days, if I am carrying a large enough purse, I’ll just keep it in there; in case I didn’t think I would need a jacket and it’s breezy; in case I didn’t wear enough sunscreen; in case I need to create some shade where there isn’t any; in case I want a blanket… I imagine you’re beginning to see why this might be a very valuable item to travel with.

It looks particularly chic when you wrap it around your shoulders and toss the loose end over the other shoulder. Try it sometime!

By the Cover and Concealment Sarong by Combat Flip Flops here!

Cover and Concealment Sarong shoulder wrap Cover and Concealment Sarong scarf wrap Cover and Concealment Sarong embroidery


Combat Flip Flops has provided me with a coupon code to share with you all. Good for 20% off anything on the site, including this lovely sarong, until the end of this month!

The coupon code is WanderLust and the site is


Photo Credit: Ty Barnes

I received this product for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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Dublin Street Style – June 2015

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( June 27th, 2015 )

A dear friend of mine took a little jaunt to Ireland to get to know her homeland. While she was there she did a little research for me (thanks, Lo!)—and bought me a lovely little top at the thrift store—they call them “charity shops” (double thanks!).

Dublin is a fairly trendy city, so prepare to put your best foot forward. But don’t freak about the footwear too much; there were a lot of people who were wearing business casual still wore tennis shoes for walking around, so even if you wear good walking shoes on your visit, it won’t be a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist. Even if you look a little touristy, the Irish won’t frown on it. They’ll want to know where you’re from. If you go to the right places, they may even try to sing a song about your city.

The weather in the summer in Dublin is warm and mild, drier than the rest of the year, but there is still a good chance you’ll encounter wind and rain, so be prepared with close-toed shoes and a decent rain jacket.

Thanks to these ladies for allowing us to post their photograph and share their sweet looks with you! Check out their Dublin street style.

Dublin street style Dublin Street Style Dublin Style Wearing purple in Dublin Ireland style


Photo Credit: Lauren Loudon


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