What to Wear in London in the Summer

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( May 22nd, 2015 )

So I figured it was about time I mix up some outfit ideas for you and show you what to wear in London. Anyone planning a trip to the United Kingdom? Here’s some ideas to get your juices flowing for city travel in England. I’ve included links for you so you can copy exactly what I’ve picked out if you’re looking for a shortcut in building your travel wardrobe.

What to Wear in London Collage

Tumi Bolte SunglassesBaliloca Purse / ililily Crushable Fedora / Full Tilt Striped Tee / Bakery Run Raincoat / Vim and Zig-or Top / Breathtaking Tiger Lilies SkirtPaige Women’s Verdugo Ankle Jean / 2LUV Women’s Stretch Skinny Dress Pants / Ahnu Trolley Wedge / Cushe Lamu Flats

American casual isn’t quite going to cut it abroad, so just be sure to look like you put in the effort. Summer in England can be both very warm or very wet, so you’ll have to be prepared for both, hence the adorable raincoat.

Hats will help you cover up greasy travel hair and keep the sun out of your eyes. Be sure to find one you can smash sufficiently to pack easily when you don’t want to wear it.

Notice how all of these items could be worn together in any combination. That’s crucial for traveling fashionably and lightly.

You’ll want a comfy pair of sandals for the truly hot days where you might spend some time lingering on a patio for lunch. Flats or ankle boots will work nicely for those other times.

Layers are key. You may want to throw in a cardigan as a mid-layer and a scarf, just in case. Perhaps a little black dress and some simple jewelry for dressing up a bit more.

Have fun mixing it up!


Go in style,




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Aurora Sandal from Cushe

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( May 15th, 2015 )

Aurora SandalAurora Sandal Aurora Sandal Aurora Sandal jump Aurora Sandal elastic  Aurora Sandal tree

Remember when I told you all about how awesome the Cushe Shakra is, from the new Cushe Kicks Collection? Well, they also sent along the Aurora sandal in rose.

Aurora Sandal Impressions

I requested the sandal because I have never had sandals like this, all gladiator at the heel, all open in the front. I have avoided purchasing such a shoe for a few reasons. I don’t pick up my feet very well, so the shoe has to stay pretty attached to the front of my foot to keep me from tripping over it. I can trip over my own toes even without shoes, but I haven’t had that problem with these. Secondly, I have been concerned about my foot sliding around too much in a shoe such as this. Did you see me climbing that tree in them (above)? They stayed on me pretty well. The strap between the toes takes getting used to, but it holds the sole close to my foot without being uncomfortable between my toes. Thirdly, I have often felt that displaying my toes so prominently and exclusively draws attention to the fact that each of my toes seems to have its own individual personality. Frankly, I’m over it. These are cute, so I’m just going to let my not-so-straight toes express themselves.


Cushe has built in a couple of nifty little features that make this shoe much better for travel and moving about. The long perforations on the sides help the leather to move with you and not be too rigid. The elastic on the inside also helps—and they’ve made it discrete, on the inside of the ankle. Finally, the footbed has EVA arch support covered in full-grain leather. For a sandal such as this, they are quite supportive, making it worth shelling out a few more bucks.


They call this a “dress sandal,” which implies that you can dress it up. I would agree. If you’re going out clubbing in Peru, for instance, this exactly the kind of shoe I would wear with dark jeans and a sleek, off-the-shoulder top. Given the faded full-grain leather, they are also very casual. Wear them with a sundress, or a pair of canvas shorts.

Sizing & Color

I think it’s important to note here that they are redder in person than they appeared in Cushe’s pictures. The way they appear here in Brittan’s photos here is fairly accurate. Regarding size, I am a pretty true nine, but these are a size eight. I was swimming in the nines they sent! So, although I highly recommend these, size down.

Buy the Cushe Aurora sandal here!


Go in style,



Photo Credit

Brittan Hart


I received this item for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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Keep Cool in the ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( May 6th, 2015 )

ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress back ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress front ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress pocket ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress

If you’re planning on going somewhere hot in the near future, the ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress is just the thing to take along. It is insanely versatile, has a secret pocket, will keep you cool and dry, protects you from the sun, resists wrinkles—and it’s figure flattering!

Insanely Versatile

Given the simple design, I found I could style this dress for any occasion by simply changing an accessory or two. Yay, packing light! I wore it with scarves, sweaters, various hats, leggings and ankle boots, flats, sandals, sneakers. With the style of the seams and texture of the fabric, the dress is naturally pretty sporty, but I was surprised how many different directions I felt I could bend it with a subtle nudge. As it says on the ExOfficio site, this dress will take you from the “beach to the museum, and everywhere in between.” Did I mention I have worn this every day since it arrived? Well, I have. (In case you’re worried, I haven’t had it too long.)

Since I’m wearing it daily, why bother to put it away? It’s been on the floor. While I don’t encourage this practice, I believe it serves as a sort of unplanned wrinkle resistance test. It passed! You’ll be able to shove it into your suitcase any old way, and even after months of travel, I imagine it will be perfectly wearable.

Another thing that makes this dress great for packing is the fact that it’s so lightweight—about the weight of a dress slip.

Regarding the fit, I typically wear a small, and I was satisfied with the fit of this small, but it’s on the big side, so if you’re on the fence, size down.

Now, about that secret security pocket. This is a fantastic feature. It would fit a key, credit card and ID—not much more without bulging noticeably. In the picture above I stuck my hand into the pocket as far as I could without stretching it. As you can see, it isn’t very deep. I saw one picture with the model putting a phone in it. Since the pocket is stretchy, I was able to fit an iPhone 5; however, the shape of it showed clearly through the thin fabric.

Technology Used

This dress uses Icefil® treated fabric. A compound found in birch trees called Xylitol is bound to the fibers of the fabric to cool you off by up to five degrees as it wicks moisture away from the skin. It is also rated UPF 50, so you’ll be protected from the sun. I thought that was nifty.

Since this fabric is so light and moisture wicking, it also dries very quickly. I like this feature, as I often long to jump into any body of water I may come upon. I wouldn’t hesitate to jump in the river wearing this dress. I’d be dry in no time.

One of my least favorite things about synthetic fabrics is their tendency to hang on to odor. While I haven’t done a ton of sweating in this dress yet, I was glad to see that it’s classified as odor resistant.

All in All

It’s rare enough to find something that you can wear and enjoy for days on end, but add to that all the great warm weather features packed into the ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress and you’ve got yourself one fantastic travel garment.
Buy the ExOfficio Sol Cool Dress here.


Go in style,



Photo Credit: Ty Barnes (my husband)


I received this item for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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