Favorite Pieces for Fall Weekend Travel Outfits

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( September 25th, 2015 )

Fall Weekend OutfitsI’ve been thinking lately about my wardrobe—what I might pack to assemble great fall weekend travel outfits. I have minimalist aspirations, so gradually I am working to collect more and more pieces that are fairly neutral with little pops of color and will transition nicely from day to night. I thought I would share with you some of my current favorites from my own wardrobe. I’ll start with the basics and move to the accessories.


Navy Midi Skirt

This skirt is a nice chiffon that I can wear with a T-shirt or a blouse, boots or flats. My best friend has us get them to wear in her wedding, but it has since become one of my grounding pieces.


Dressy Jogger Pants

I love tucking T-shirts into the high waist of these pants. They have a very chic silhouette and shiny diagonal panels over the knees for a bit of edge. These feel like sweats, but they look as good as slacks. Plus, waistbands tend to give me cramps after a while, so the nice, easy stretchy waist gives my body a break from the constriction.


Neutral T-Shirts

Pictured is a dusty eggplant (I suppose you could call it mauve)  scoop neck, short sleeve shirt. Also pictured is a long sleeve gray scoop neck. They are both quite possibly the softest shirts I have ever owned, and they are the perfect blend of everyday chic when tucked into these stylish bottoms.


Nude Flats

You can wear nude flats with anything. And these ones of mine have cute gold buckle that makes them dressier. It’s nice when a small detail that doesn’t detract from functionality and comfort can take an outfit to the next level. In fact, I might not even need to bring another pair of shoes. But in the fall, why not throw in the short rain boots.

Short Rain Boots

These boots are waterproof leather. When paired with the jogger paints they look a bit military, which I enjoy.

Green Raincoat

Who doesn’t love a bright raincoat!? When your basics are, well, basic, you can afford to have one big pop of color like this. Oh yeah, it also protects you from the weather.

Tan Leather Purse

I love this little duffel shaped purse, which I acquired at a clothing swap. Apparently it belonged to my friend’s grandmother, so you know it’s tough. I find that second hand clothing lasts. You know it’s durable because you still want it even though it’s already well loved.

Feather Earrings

They are skinny peacock feathers so they match the jewel tone of the coat.

Tassel Necklace

This necklace adds a focal point to any neutral wardrobe. Got it on Modcloth. Sale! Highly recommended.

Woven Hat

I love my hat. This is the hat I feel like I can wear with any outfit. Remember what I told you last February. Hats make you seem stylish because for some reason half the people in the world are delusional and don’t think they can pull it off.

Lulu Lemon Scarf

I have the Vinyasa Scarf from Lulu Lemon. Wear it ten ways. It’s become a staple.

There you go. My current favorites. Feel free to steal my favs and remix them into your ideal fall weekend travel outfits.

Go in style,



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Trinity Down Vest from Royal Robbins

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( September 4th, 2015 )

Photo Sep 02, 7 37 27 AM Photo Sep 02, 7 41 14 AM

There is a new favorite in my closet these past couple of weeks. It’s the trinity down vest from Royal Robbins. The trinity down vest is a stylish take on your traditional puffy vest. It features a unique herringbone print, and a flattering chevron quilt pattern. The overall result, is a vest that bridges the gaps between sporty, outdoorsy, and chic.

I felt that I could get away with wearing this vest over a sophisticated and flowy tunic with my new black boots from Matisse or with jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of hiking boots. That’s exactly the kind of versatility you need from a travel garment.

Here’s a comment about vests in general: get one; they are magic. I am one of those women who runs cold, and when I imagine a remedy, it involves tea, a huge, long-and-baggy-sleeved sweater, and bringing the comforter from my bed so I curl up in it on the couch. Back to vests: I am always amazed how warm I can be when I just insulate my core! Warm all day, arms unencumbered. It’s a fantastic solution for whatever your day demands. Especially in a season like autumn—which is upon us, by the way! I’m feeling pretty done with summer these days—especially since Washington caught fire. This morning, I have the heater on!

Let’s get into the details. I love the tailoring of this vest. the way the quilting changes on the sides helps you keep a feminine figure under the fluff. The inside of the pockets are super soft and they are a great size for your hands. Royal Robbins even calls them “hand warmer” pockets, so you know that’s what they’re designed for. They’ll stay nice and warm in there. The lining of the vest is fun and quirky. A print that looks like fur! I love a garment that makes me feel like I’ve got a secret. I should show you a pic. Here you go:

Photo Sep 04, 11 46 01 AM

If you’re in the market for a vest, this is a good one. I choose mangrove green, but you have options.

I almost forgot to tell you! I was too busy loving the style of this piece that I spaced on some key features: UPF 50+, water repellent, wrinkle resistant. Just some of the benefits of getting your clothes from a company like Royal Robbins where functionality and fashion meet.


Go in style,

Jacquelyn Barnes


I received this item for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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What to Wear in Mexico City in August/September

by Jacquelyn Barnes
( August 14th, 2015 )

I’ve told you what to wear in Paris and London. I thought it was time to change continents and tell you what to wear in Mexico City.

What to wear in Mexico City

Ililily Blouse / Columbia Raincoat / Karen Kane A-Line Dress / Felt Fedora / Green Scarf / Linen Pants / What a Crescent Surprise Necklace / Cushe Glimmer Dress Sandal / Heading in the Bright Direction Bag / Toms Shoes

Mexico City may be in Mexico, but nobody dresses like they are going to the beach. It’s a city—one at a fairly high elevation, too. Be ready for it too cool down a little at night.

If you’re traveling in August or September, you’ve just missed the warm season, but you’re not out in the cold just yet. That means you’ll need to be prepared for everything. Look for highs in the seventies and lows in the forties. Bring a scarf, some close-toed shoes, a rain jacket.

You’ll want to keep the jewelry simple. Bling will make you a target for theft.

A small messenger type bag might be good to carry around—less touristy than a backpack. This Modcloth bag is pretty cute—and it even has a travel-themed name.

You’ll want shoes you can dress up for a night out dancing salsa or meringue, but nothing that will cause you to tumble on the cobblestones.

Now you know what to wear in Mexico City. Have fun!

Go in style,


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