Happy Days at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama

by Nancy Mueller
( February 8th, 2013 )

CowboyLunchboxTheHangout (397 x 450)
Have a look at one of the most popular attractions in Gulf Shores. Do any of these lunchboxes look familiar?

Not only does The Hangout feature this outstanding collection of lunchboxes, but the restaurant also spotlights an impressive display of Pez dispensers and movie memorabilia.

GonewiththeWindLunchboxattheHangout (450 x 348)

Of course, I would zero in on one of my favorite all-time movie couples . . .

The Hangout is a fun place to visit for its retro decor, live musical performances and family entertainment.  I recommend starting with the “shaka-shaka” shrimp (the secret’s in the sauce) or wild frickles, lightly breaded and fried pickle slices served with ranch dressing. Bet you can’t eat just one . . .

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What was your favorite lunchbox when you were growing up, Wanderboomers?


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