Beach Cafe at Carillon Point in Kirkland

by Elizabeth Griffin
( May 6th, 2013 )

Beach Cafe at Carillon Point in Kirkland

Carillon PointThere are lots of great places to eat in Kirkland, but not many have the view that Beach Café at the Woodmark on Carillon Point offers. It provides the perfect atmosphere for a summer evening—relaxed dining in a lounge or restaurant, and outdoor eating on the patio when weather permits.

I am a bit partial to the place on Thursday nights because my son and a couple of his friends play jazz there—and it’s fabulous! If you don’t believe me, just ask some of the regulars.

The menu is good, but not always consistent. I have enjoyed salads there, and the latest menu has an appetizer of chicken curry lettuce cups that is a great small meal. The burgers and sandwiches are consistently good and the fries are perfect.

After a casual dinner at Beach Café, Carillon Point is the perfect spot for walking on a summer evening! It’s one of my favorite hangouts.



Photos by Elizabeth Griffin


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