Stones Into Schools

by Lisa Overman
( January 7th, 2011 )

Stones into Schools opens your heart and inspires you. Greg Mortenson has made remarkable progress in Afghanistan and Pakistan building peaceful relationships and building schools in the region. His simple and powerful program to build schools at the end of the road is transforming.

As I read about his serendipitous meeting in Afghanistan with the leader of the Khan of Kirghiz I had tears in my eyes. These mountain people had been long forgotten and desperately needed assistance and schools. You see through reading Stones into Schools how one man, a lone American has influenced, transformed and improved the lives of children and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan by building 145 schools where nearly 64,000 students are being educated.

Greg Mortenson’s belief is that educating girls will transform the region. He believes when you educate a boy you educate an individual, when you educate a girl you educate a village because she will share her knowledge with her children and her family, expanding the reach of her education.

And what is it about the promise of educating children-especially girls-that so often and with such fevor, seems to evoke what is best in all of us.”

Stones into Schools takes you deep into Greg Mortenson’s work, where you see the grit, love, frustrations and joys of his transforming program of building schools. Stones into Schools is a must read, it’s a deeply compelling journey into transforming a region by educating it’s children and bringing them opportunities to improve their lives and their villages.

Greg Mortenson is to be applauded for his willingness, selflessness and his determination to bring peace, education and transformation to this region.

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