Gift Ideas: Best Portrait Photography Books

by Melinda Eliza Sabo
( December 8th, 2011 )

Looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for the photographer in your life?  If she’s into portraits and she likes books – any of the following three publications are certain to instruct and please…

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  1. “Faces – The Creative Process Behind Great Portraits” by Jane Bown – This book will never gather dust on my bookshelf – I reference it too often for any dust to settle. I adore Jane Bown’s magical portfolio of extraordinary portrait photography. She sees right into the souls of her subjects and has built her reputation (and an amazing body of work) on her ability to quickly capture provocative truth in lucid yet elegant black-and-white portraits.  Each photo is accompanied by a brief blurb detailing her recollections and recommendations.  Some of my favorites are of Mother Theresa, Keith Richards, Peter O’Toole, Bjork, Joseph Corre, and George Soros.

  2. “In Focus – National Geographic – Greatest Portraits” More than 500 pages of extraordinary portraits ranging from bizarre to poignant.  As you flip through this book you will follow the history of various photo trends.  I think you’ll agree that it is both interesting and educational to see how popular photographic aesthetic changes over the decades.  Although touted as a book of portraits, it is also a book of travel photography and has as much to say about place as it does personality.

  3. “Women Photographers at National Geographic” by Cathy Newman – Although not strictly a book of portraiture, there are myriad compelling portraits contained within. This book has a lot to say about women’s curiosity, concerns, and understanding of the world.  It is a collection of compelling images crafted by amazing women photographers and it’s a treasure that’s sure to entertain and entice.

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In Joy,

Melinda Eliza

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