Whidbey Island, Washington prides itself as “a community that loves the arts.” Spectacular panoramic vistas of land and sea, natural habitats andabundant wildlife inviteartiststo stay for a day or a lifetime. Art galleries, studio tours, hands-on classes, and special events abound, inspiring creative expression as a way of life. Just follow [...]
Mon, Sep 15, 2014
WanderBoomer Category: WANDERBOOMER
I recently had the chance to travel to Marrakech, Morocco for a spa conference – learning all about traditional, new, and innovative spa experience, both at home and some of the current must-have treatments in the spa. I have a lot of things to share, but more on that later! During [...]
Mon, Sep 15, 2014
Spa Hopper Category: SPA HOPPER
Vancouver’s beauty never seems to amaze me. Literally every time I go I am shocked at how pretty it is. If you haven’t been, I urge you to go. It is so beautiful in fact that every time I have the opportunity to go I somehow find another place to become [...]
Sat, Sep 13, 2014
Short Stops Category: SHORT STOPS
“Chiefs, Female Chiefs, and the rest of the people. My heart is full to see that you’ve come here to see us today. I am glad that we will share this beautiful day together.” Alice Barnes, our guide at the K’San Historic Village, welcomes us with this traditional Gitxsan greeting in [...]
Fri, Sep 12, 2014
Lady Sherpa Category: LADY SHERPA
One of Little Bird’s favorite books is ‘The Carrot Seed,” written by Ruth Krauss and originally published in 1945. The story features a little boy who plants a carrot seed. No one in his family thinks it will come up. But the little boy knows better. He pulls the weeds [...]
Fri, Sep 12, 2014
Pampers & Pakhlava Category: PAMPERS AND PAKHLAVA
Does sweat ooze out you palms at the mere thought of talking to Immigration officers? Do you mentally choke on all the things that could go wrong? Though border crossings and airport customs are especially nerve wracking, I’m thinking of all those earlier interactions you have, in order to get the [...]
Fri, Sep 12, 2014
Gone Workabout Category: GONE WORKABOUT
It’s almost impossible these days to travel without using the web. Whether it’s booking your flights or train tickets, most of it has to be done online. As Gen-Y wanderers, though, we’re usually pretty tech savvy and get those tickets booked before older generations can even blink an eye. Here are [...]
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Gen Y Wanderer Category: GEN Y WANDERER
In less than ten days, the thirteenth-annual Mothman Festival commences in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. There will be a host of speakers discussingthe massivecreature that flew oversmall-town America five decades ago. There will bevendors galore, includingtheuber-famous Mothman pancakes. There will even be a Miss Mothman Festival Pageant, which has to [...]
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Weird Wanderings Category: WEIRD WANDERINGS
The other day, I flew from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Cairo, Egypt on Qatar Airways. My trip involved an 8-hour layover at Hamad International Airport (DOH) in Doha, Qatar. Eight hours can be an awfully long time to hang around an airport – even an airport as nice as DOH, [...]
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Global Zen Category: GLOBAL ZEN
Headed to TBEX in Cancun this week and having never been to Mexico, I’m very excited to sample some authentic Mexican dishes! As a first timer, here are my 5 must tryMexican foods: 1. Gorditas: A small fat tortilla that can be made sweet or savory. Usually stuffed with ingredients such [...]
Wed, Sep 10, 2014
WanderFood Category: WANDERFOOD
Queenstown (QT) is the quintessential ski town of New Zealand, hands down. To anyone who thinks otherwise, I say phooey. With multiple resorts to be explored, excellent dinning and endless night life, it wins the title hands down. Putting together a list of the top 10 things to do in [...]
Tue, Sep 09, 2014
Ski Gypsy Category: SKI GYPSY
There are not many things,going on our fourth year abroad, that I have not come to accept. I’m not saying some things don’t still annoy me (cars beeping at lights that have just turned green, going to the supermarket to discover they don’t have three of the four ingredients Ineed, [...]
Mon, Sep 08, 2014
Expat Village Category: EXPAT VILLAGE
Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows travelers to find accommodations around the world. With over 800,000 listings in 190 countries, travelers can use Airbnb to find alternative accommodations tothe traditional hotel. Travelers can rent rooms, apartments, castles, tree houses, trailers andeven strangeroptionsthrough Airbnb and often pay rates that are [...]
Sun, Sep 07, 2014
Checking In Category: CHECKING IN
The Ortlieb Velocity cycling backpack isperfect for rainy city rides.I’ve used this bright yellow, fully waterproof, rugged and ready bag for thelast three months and couldn’t be happier. It’s large, but not too large, cycling oriented, but also perfect for non-cycling use, and made to be used and abused! Read [...]
Sun, Sep 07, 2014
WanderSpokes Category: WANDERSPOKES
As part of our training for the Snowman Trek, Jon and I took a very short trip (two nights) to Denver to get in some last-minute high-altitude hiking. It was a good thing we did because we learned a thing or two that we hadn’t quite figured out during our [...]
Fri, Sep 05, 2014
Wanderluster Category: WANDERLUSTER
“We thank Thee for those who laid out the field, marked out the farms, cleared the ditches and made the roads.” From “The Cotswold Prayer of Praise” Back in the month of May this year, my husband and I walked through the green rolling hills of the Cotswolds countryside, visiting churches [...]
Fri, Sep 05, 2014
LOWA Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Bootsin Stone color I’ve had my current pair of hiking boots for several years now and absolutely love them. So when the time came to buy new hiking shoes, I was contemplating gettinga new version of the same brand/type. ThenI got the opportunity to try out [...]
Thu, Sep 04, 2014
TrailBound Category: TRAILBOUND
Your choices for hiking and trekking boots is officially huge with new models every year. But before you make any choices be sure to check out Lowa. Today I’m reviewing Lowa Camino GTX Flex Boots. Multi-day trekking, as opposed to sitting in an office, will change the shape of your feet. [...]
Wed, Sep 03, 2014
WanderDudes Category: WANDERDUDES
When Imoved to the Pacific Northwest four years ago, I learned quickly that this is Huckleberry Country. (Huckleberry Country is also a pretty goodname for a band that might play at, say, the Saturday farmers market or a street fair). I was familiar with Huckleberries of the Finn and Hound variety. [...]
Fri, Aug 29, 2014
WanderChic Category: WANDERCHIC
Having been consumed with a sudden interest in medieval Italy, I found myself reading The Prince, Machiavelli’s political work of instruction for a new ruler advising him to be successful through cunning and ruthlessness. When suddenly it hit me… Niccol Machiavelli was a lot like Ned Stark. Yes- the honorable [...]
Fri, Aug 22, 2014
WanderLit Category: WANDERLIT
Cooking with alcohol is nothing new. From vodka sauce to tequila-marinated chicken to bourbon balls, spirits have long held a prominent place in the kitchen. I’ve even been known to add a little booze to my meals to give them that extra ‘oomph.’ I also love peppers. A Mexican meal—my favorite, [...]
Fri, Aug 22, 2014
Wanderlush Diary Category: WANDERLUSH DIARY
While this winter’s polar vortex would have broken a less hearty demographic, the people of Minnesota emerged from the deep freeze and have been rewarded with an absolutely splendid summer season. I was reminded on a recent visit why the summer months are a great time to visit the twin cities [...]
Tue, Aug 19, 2014
Luxury Nomad Category: LUXURY NOMAD
Statue in Cozumel Gargoyles, Grotesques and Sculptures I have always had a great fascination of carved figures on buildings and in parks around the world. Including them in my city wanderings is usually a plan and I am always anxious to see what creatures I can discover. Gargoyles, grotesques and creature carvings [...]
Sun, Aug 10, 2014
Global Snapshots Category: GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS
Last weekend we took a spontaneous road trip to Port Aransas, Texas. My family made yearly summer trips to Port Aransas throughout my childhood. As an adult, I’ve only been back a few times, but each time has been beautiful. This time, however, was absolutely devastating. The beach was covered in [...]
Sat, Jul 26, 2014
Wandering Artist Category: WANDERING ARTIST
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