Oh my, Ojai. Seeking new adventures and respite from my crazy-busy schedule, I headed to sunny southern California for a quick escapelastMay. A good friend had recommended The Oaks at Ojaias the perfect getaway sanctuary for rest, relaxation and exploration. After a connecting flight in San Francisco, I arrived at the [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
WanderBoomer Category: WANDERBOOMER
Photos from Gyumri, Armenia show her old world beauty. Not beautiful in the way one might describe Paris or Prague, but with her breathtaking metal downspouts, luminous tuff buildings, and plentiful sculptures, Gyumri has a beauty all her own. Even with the destruction wrought by the earthquake that devastated the [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
Pampers & Pakhlava Category: PAMPERS AND PAKHLAVA
The fourth season of American Horror Story is already shaping up to be a favorite among audiences. And while much of the series is pure fiction, there are still plenty of sights across the country that are reminiscent of the show’s weird goings-on. Here are 4 places American Horror Story [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
Weird Wanderings Category: WEIRD WANDERINGS
When it comes to classic cocktails that have experienced a resurgence of popularity in the past couple years, there’s one drink that tops the repertoire of every bartender around the country: the Bloody Mary. After all, it’s the perfect libation for any time of day, from breakfast to dinner. And [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
Wanderlush Diary Category: WANDERLUSH DIARY
1920 was the year “the first commercial petrol station opened in England.” Prior to that, “petrol was sold in two-gallon cans, often from a chemist or ironmonger [hardware store].” The first petrol pumps were operated by hand, and later became electric. As my husband and I walked around the Cotswolds area [...]
Fri, Oct 17, 2014
Ireland is my favorite spot to visit and I have been there several times. I have many stories to share about this beautiful country. Fascinatedby history, the first thing planned was to explore the old castles and homesteads and imagine what life was like a few centuries ago. We take [...]
Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Global Snapshots Category: GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS
So many things happen in an instant: babies are born,peoplefall in love, friendships are made, hearts are broken, life moves on and life changes.Whether they be large moments with impact orsmall moments of meaning, all of these moments have a hand increating us and our experiences bywarming our hearts, forcing [...]
Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Expat Village Category: EXPAT VILLAGE
If you’re like most Generation-Y travelers, you probably have a travel bucket list a mile long. I know I certainly do, and deciding which places to go and which to skip for now can be a lot harder than one might think. I find myself overwhelmed by all the locations [...]
Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Gen Y Wanderer Category: GEN Y WANDERER
All travelers with any significant amount of hair have, at some point, struggled with packing shampoo. There’s the question of what size bottle to bring: standard-size bottles don’t meet TSA regulations for carry-on bags, and travel-size bottles are only useful for short trips. (If you have hair like me, a [...]
Thu, Oct 16, 2014
Global Zen Category: GLOBAL ZEN
In her best-selling travel memoir Almost French, Australian journalist Sarah Turnbull documents her trip to Paris to visit a French lawyer she meets while on assignment in Budapest, only to find herself, drawn to both the man and the city, unable to leave. At the risk of ruining the ending, [...]
Wed, Oct 15, 2014
Uncharted Territory Category: UNCHARTED TERRITORY
I have always dreamed of dining in one of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants and was lucky enough to do so while visiting Montral. Maison Boulud is located inside the beautifully historic Ritz-Carlton. I ordered the Loup de Mer with fennel and figs. Each bite was a beautiful symphony of flavors – each [...]
Wed, Oct 15, 2014
Wandering Artist Category: WANDERING ARTIST
It’s Harvest time! Around the world this is an important, often sacred time, signifying prosperity and providing the means to get through a cold winter. Here are a fewharvest festivals around the world: Moon Festival: China Anyone familiar with the novel “The Joy Luck Club” will recognize this. One of my favorite [...]
Wed, Oct 15, 2014
WanderFood Category: WANDERFOOD
Getting a background police check is one of the most time-consuming steps of the working holiday visa application process. No matter which country you want to live and work in, a clean record is necessary before your application gets that stamp of approval. So unless you’ve recently embezzled millions or conspired [...]
Tue, Oct 14, 2014
Gone Workabout Category: GONE WORKABOUT
The trees are on fire in New Hampshire. Looking out my window as I write this, the tree dominating the view is bright orange, reminiscent of Crayola’s “Orange Circuit” crayon. It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful and makes me so grateful to live in New England. Ski Gypsy man and I have been driving [...]
Tue, Oct 14, 2014
Ski Gypsy Category: SKI GYPSY
“Change starts with your underwear” according to PACT Apparel, a company that offers fair trade, organic cotton socks and underthings. One evening last summer, I Googled”fair trade underwear” and found PACT. I’d readVincent Miller’s “Slavery and Commodity Chains”about what he calls the “commodity veil.” Basically, Miller points out that we know [...]
Thu, Oct 09, 2014
WanderChic Category: WANDERCHIC
I’ve cycled, hiked, and even rock climbed in this Nuu Muu exercise dress and now I’m back to do the Nuu Muu cycling review. Watch the video above for my complete take on this fun and flattering dress, or get the details below. Pros: 1.Comfy Fabric:This dress features lightweight, breathable, soft fabric. [...]
Wed, Oct 08, 2014
WanderSpokes Category: WANDERSPOKES
The luxury travel scene in Puerto Rico is heating up. While Puerto Rico tends to be eclipsed by other Caribbean destinations as a warm-weather beach getaway, the island’s combination of history, culture and pristine beaches are perhaps one of the Caribbean’s most well-kept secret. And right now may be the time [...]
Wed, Oct 08, 2014
Luxury Nomad Category: LUXURY NOMAD
Swimming and snorkeling with sea turtles in Akumal, Mexico Swimming with wild sea turtles has long been on my life listand I finally got to do this earlier last month in Akumal, Mexico! I was in Cancunattending the amazing TBEX conferenceand had an entire day to myself. I was visiting in [...]
Wed, Oct 08, 2014
TrailBound Category: TRAILBOUND
Sosh, a free service that curates activities and events, is the ultimate tool for planning a trip to Seattle.Users simply access Sosh through the website or a beautifully designed app. A profiling experience asks users to select neighborhoods and activities that they are interested in.Concerts, restaurants, hikes and even cheap [...]
Wed, Oct 08, 2014
Checking In Category: CHECKING IN
Two years ago I wrote a post on She Jumps, an organization whose aim is to increase the participation of females in outdoor activities. There were just starting a program called Get the Girls Outaimed at getting young adult females more involved in outdoor recreation. I was inspired by these [...]
Tue, Oct 07, 2014
Lady Sherpa Category: LADY SHERPA
It is a very exciting day when I get to travel to a city I have never been to. There are only so many destinations that we fly to, so I am often left to explore the same city over and over again. Trust me, I am not complaining, but [...]
Fri, Oct 03, 2014
Short Stops Category: SHORT STOPS
I recently had the chance to get out of the big city of Los Angeles and head into the hot desert to the J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa. The resort itself is easy to access and just far enough outside bustling palm springs that you will truly feel [...]
Tue, Sep 30, 2014
Spa Hopper Category: SPA HOPPER
Airports are a weird limbo to me. You’re pretty much helpless there waiting. Waiting in the security line, waiting for them to announce your flight, waiting for your shuttle or taxi to arrive. Nothing is happening but you have the potential energy of something about to happen. Get on with [...]
Sat, Sep 27, 2014
WanderLit Category: WANDERLIT
It’s been a long time in the making (more than a year), but it’s finally time for the Snowman Trek. If you’re just now dropping in, the Snowman Trek is a 25-day, 220-mile trek across the Himalayas in Bhutan. We’ll be as high as 18,200 feet and will be hiking over [...]
Wed, Sep 17, 2014
Wanderluster Category: WANDERLUSTER
Your choices for hiking and trekking boots is officially huge with new models every year. But before you make any choices be sure to check out Lowa. Today I’m reviewing Lowa Camino GTX Flex Boots. Multi-day trekking, as opposed to sitting in an office, will change the shape of your feet. [...]
Wed, Sep 03, 2014
WanderDudes Category: WANDERDUDES
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