Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year — it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul. ~Author Unknown Welcome July! My garden’s cup runneth over with every color in the rainbow. Dahlia and Sweet Pea for the vase on our table, a [...]
Wed, Jul 01, 2015
Pampers & Pakhlava Category: PAMPERS AND PAKHLAVA
It’s summer in Seattle and I’m confident enough that warm weather is here for awhile that all of my cool weather clothes are put away and my warm weather clothes are all that’s left in my closet and dresser drawers at the moment. That’s a great feeling. Even though our [...]
Wed, Jul 01, 2015
Wanderluster Category: WANDERLUSTER
I’m not really a sweet-breakfast-type of person. I prefer eggs, toast and crispy potatoes to sugary pastries. This usually means muffins are not my go-to, but these walnut millet muffins are healthy, slightly savory, and have just a hint of toasted honey flavor. If a savory muffin sounds weird, think [...]
Wed, Jul 01, 2015
WanderFood Category: WANDERFOOD
I’ve always been fascinated with languages. I remember being twelve and begging my mother to let me take French lessons because I was in love with the culture. I took French for several years as well as in college before switching over to Italian, which I’ve been taking off and [...]
Tue, Jun 30, 2015
Gen Y Wanderer Category: GEN Y WANDERER
Three years ago this month, the world lost arguably the greatest genre writer of our time. The prolific (and prolifically feisty) Ray Bradbury passed away on June 5th, 2012, leaving a profound literary chasm in his wake. After all, we’re not likely to discover another author as versatile andinsightful as [...]
Tue, Jun 30, 2015
Weird Wanderings Category: WEIRD WANDERINGS
In my past, leisure trips have been broken into two distinct types. Adventure and relaxation. However, I’m finding that I can mix the two and have the best of both worlds. These luxury bathrooms, with their soaker tubs and rain showers, offer peace and calm after a hectic travel day [...]
Mon, Jun 29, 2015
Luxury Nomad Category: LUXURY NOMAD
Photographing the night sky has always been a fascinating adventure for me which I rarely have timeto do. Livingnear a city and running abusiness has kept me from pursuing this dream. When I look at the Milky Way, I see the big picture and it really hits me how small [...]
Sun, Jun 28, 2015
Global Snapshots Category: GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS
A dear friend of mine took a little jaunt to Ireland to get to know her homeland. While she was there she did a little research for me (thanks, Lo!)—and bought me a lovely little top at the thrift store—they call them “charity shops” (double thanks!). Dublin is a fairly trendy [...]
Sat, Jun 27, 2015
WanderChic Category: WANDERCHIC
One of the most prominent features of the Pacific Northwest is its rain. Nowhere else in the America will you become acquainted with overly optimistic terminology like “partly sunny” or “sunbreaks.” In fact, it’s almost normal to have a jacket or hoodie on standby to combat the eventual rain. Living [...]
Fri, Jun 26, 2015
WanderDudes Category: WANDERDUDES
Hi lovelies! Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been recovering from a fever/flu/cold/general fatigue combo. Not fun. Good news is that I am on the upswing and productivity is slowly coming back. More good news is that I made these delicious vegan cheesy kale chips the other day and [...]
Thu, Jun 25, 2015
Veggie Explorer Category: VEGGIE EXPLORER
Lauren, an American who’s held more than 30 jobs around the globe – and one of this year’s best travel blogs for working holiday visas – gives working holiday visa advice on the balance between ‘work’ and ‘holiday’, and the flexibility needed to find employment in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland [...]
Thu, Jun 25, 2015
Gone Workabout Category: GONE WORKABOUT
The ski season may be mostly over in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s just about to gear up way down south in places such as Queenstown,New Zealand. If you’re lucky enough to be heading towards snow this summer, air travel is certainly in the cards. Dealing with baggage fees and [...]
Tue, Jun 23, 2015
Ski Gypsy Category: SKI GYPSY
Dog sledding in Yellowknife, Canada I’d barely grasped the handle of the dog sled before the huskies took off like bullets at top speed. I held on for dear life as the dog sled moved forward, pulled enthusiastically by 4 well built dogs. The crisp cold wind cut even more intensely [...]
Mon, Jun 22, 2015
TrailBound Category: TRAILBOUND
It’s no secret that we encouragesolo women travel here at Wanderlust and Lipstick. Yet I marvel at how often my traveling aloneto exotic destinations provokes avariety of reactions from fellow women travelers who arenot, ranging from: “You’re so brave!” “Really?” (as in,Why would anyone want to do that?) to: “Wow.” (as in,How do you [...]
Mon, Jun 22, 2015
WanderBoomer Category: WANDERBOOMER
I was cleaning out the closet in my old bedroom at my mom’s house the other week and discovered a jumprope. It took a significant amount of willpower not to abandon the remainder of the cleaning project and spend the rest of the afternoon skipping rope outside in the driveway, [...]
Fri, Jun 19, 2015
Global Zen Category: GLOBAL ZEN
Any teacher, past or present, could tell you that theapproaching promise of summer is both pee-your-pants exhilarating and nearly mental hospital admitting. I am by no means complaining about the long summer off with Husband and the little monkeysbut wrapping up a year with students and a classroom is enough [...]
Mon, Jun 08, 2015
Expat Village Category: EXPAT VILLAGE
Zeffirelli’s 1978 film version of Romeo and Juliet was my introduction to Shakespeare. I was 13 years old (same age as Juliet) and about a month after seeing it, I was an acolyte at the wedding of a family friend. I danced awkwardly with the son of a family friendand fancying [...]
Fri, Jun 05, 2015
WanderLit Category: WANDERLIT
The Québecois have created a multitude of ways to enjoy winter. Ice fishing can be as posh or basic as you wish. Although there is no getting around the duty of drilling fishing holes into the fjord. The lovely lady in the middle of the photo above showed us how to [...]
Mon, Jun 01, 2015
Wandering Artist Category: WANDERING ARTIST
I am guilty, like many other people, of aimlessly scrolling through my social media many times a day. Mostly giggling at the many memes and gifs that accurately represent parts of my life and occasionally finding something that is really helpful. A couple weeks ago one of the hundreds of travel [...]
Mon, Jun 01, 2015
Short Stops Category: SHORT STOPS
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