This Mountain Khakis Wanderlust Fleeceis in my humble opinion the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who (1) likes cute clothes, (2) wants to be mind-blowingly comfortable, and (3) doesn’t mind that she will inevitably wear this fleece every day. The Wanderlust fleece is what I have come to call my [...]
Mon, Nov 30, 2015
WanderChic Category: WANDERCHIC
I want some milk. Sweetheart—May I have some milk… May I have some milk please, Mama. Here you go. What do you say? Thank you, Mama. Like most small children, my daughter knows the right words. We do our best to teach her manners, and one day I hope she’ll understand why her mama and [...]
Thu, Nov 26, 2015
Pampers & Pakhlava Category: PAMPERS AND PAKHLAVA
Wherever in the world you’re visiting, chances are you will want to go out and about to get some sightseeing done. Let’s be honest, when you want to document your experience, you will need to take some accoutrements along for the ride. Sometimes you might opt for a daypack to [...]
Thu, Nov 26, 2015
WanderDudes Category: WANDERDUDES
The U.S. Consulate in Auckland wanted to see my baby. Not in a photograph, not over a Skype interview, but in person. Only after documenting her physical presence (by pinching her pudgy cheek? Tickling her little toes?) could my native government guarantee that she was flesh – not some off-shore [...]
Wed, Nov 25, 2015
Gone Workabout Category: GONE WORKABOUT
It seems my calendar is filling up fast with Christmas parties. Different organizations I’m part of, office parties, cookie exchanges – you know the ones. With all these festivities, it’s easy to burn out on unique Christmas party cocktail ideas. I’m tempted to buy a keg for our upcoming Christmas [...]
Wed, Nov 25, 2015
WanderFood Category: WANDERFOOD
It took 346 years to construct, between 1221 and 1567. Well, ok, I guess it took 146 years to construct due to a 200 year hiatus in the middle of those years. But who’s counting, right? I mean when you marvel at its grand size, its fabulous architecture, and its [...]
Tue, Nov 24, 2015
Debbys Departures Category: DEBBYS DEPARTURES
Ever find yourself on a train, plane or bus and your cell phone is nearly dead? On top of it all, there are no outlets to be found and your significant other is waiting to find out what time you arrive. It’s a terrible feeling. And completely avoidable when you’ve got [...]
Wed, Nov 18, 2015
Wanderluster Category: WANDERLUSTER
Did you know the Statue of Liberty has a name? She is called “The Mother of Exiles” by Emma Lazarus in her poem, “The New Colossus”. For over one hundred years, she stood in New York harbor welcoming immigrants and refugees. Many Americans (myself included) are direct decedents of the [...]
Wed, Nov 18, 2015
WanderLit Category: WANDERLIT
I was recently asked to try out the new Activeon camera while on my journeys. I was sent a camera, waterproof shell, plates to change the color of the camera, a selfie stick, mounts, mini SD card, and head strap from the Activeon representatives. I thought I would give to [...]
Wed, Nov 18, 2015
Gen Y Wanderer Category: GEN Y WANDERER
One of my goals for this fall was to experiment with seasonal fruits and vegetables that I’ve never used before. When my boyfriend and I decided to have a celebratory dinner after getting settled into our new apartment, I knew it was the perfect occasion. The pomegranate is a tree native [...]
Thu, Nov 12, 2015
Veggie Explorer Category: VEGGIE EXPLORER
We all remember Ft. Lauderdale as being the Spring Break destination of the 80’s with the areabeing left in ruins after droves of college students and other young people swarmedthe beaches. Fast forward to the 2000’s and you will find a beautiful townwith nice restaurants and beaches, restoration of some of [...]
Sun, Nov 08, 2015
Global Snapshots Category: GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS
I keep reading about Millennials and Snapchat. I’m from Generation X, possibly considered “old” by some Millennials, but I love Snapchat too! If you take a photo of my “snapcode” above you can easily add me without even searching for my user name, which is artistwandering. In March of this year, my [...]
Fri, Nov 06, 2015
Wandering Artist Category: WANDERING ARTIST
My favorite time of the year is here. Lovely autumn! Leaves and entire trees are turning red, orange, yellow and all shades in between. Although the East Coast is best known for its spectacular show of Fall colors, the West Coast is not far behind. Driving a few hours north [...]
Thu, Oct 29, 2015
TrailBound Category: TRAILBOUND
Snow season is so close now, I can almost smell it. Skiers are probably some of the few people to get excited aboutthe first signs of winter: Frost on car windshield = happy face Seeing your breath = victory dance First snow = awkward/somewhat muddy snow angels It only makes sense to start preparing [...]
Mon, Oct 26, 2015
Ski Gypsy Category: SKI GYPSY
Nothing quite beats the fun of roadtripping down the Oregon Coast to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. While not quite as iconic as driving U.S. Route 66, the Oregon Coastoffers plenty of spellbinding scenes, best beach towns and destination dining.Whetherplanninga family vacation, girlfriend getaway or romantic escape, why [...]
Mon, Oct 12, 2015
WanderBoomer Category: WANDERBOOMER
There’s a wild burro in my car! We are in the old gold mining town of Oatman, AZ on historic Route 66 where wild burros roam the streets. About thirty miles west of Kingsman, AZ the original Route 66, known as “The Route” to those that whose travel it, runs through the [...]
Sun, Oct 04, 2015
Luxury Nomad Category: LUXURY NOMAD
Welcome back to Weird Wanderings! Autumn is now upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about thatall-important day on the calendar—October 31st. Trick or Treat is a most hallowed occasion for many kids in America and beyond, but it can be a particularly taxing occasion for those with allergies [...]
Tue, Sep 29, 2015
Weird Wanderings Category: WEIRD WANDERINGS
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