3 Safety Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Women Travelers

Safety Do's and Don'ts for Women TravelersTraveling does wonders for the spirit. We tend to be more stressed than past generations, and taking the time to pursue our happiness through travel allows us to remember that although the days may be long, the years are indeed short and we need to absorb every experience possible.

Having said that, safety is always a concern while traveling, particularly for women traveling alone, but it should never be a barrier to traveling. Once you have your home secured with home security cameras, it’s time to get on the road (or plane, bus, or train)!

Follow these female traveler do’s and don’ts, and your experience should be filled with only happy memories.

3 Definite Do’s:
•    Use that copying machine – Passports and ID info can be stolen in even the most luxurious of environments, so make multiple copies of your passport, ID, health insurance card and important phone numbers. Keep a copy in the hotel safe along with your important documents, stow a copy inside your luggage and keep another copy with you at all times. It never hurts to be over-prepared!

•    Know how to jab – You never want to be in a situation where you need to defend yourself physically, but hey, wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared anyway? Take a basic self defense class before your trip. You’ll feel more confident while traveling, a trait that can actually deter would-be attackers, and you’ll be getting some great exercise in, too!

•    Secure the homefront – It’s no secret that women tend to worry more than men. Banish those worries by making sure your home is secure while you’re away. Ask a family member to check in twice per week and hold your newspaper and mail delivery while you’re away. Install a bark alarm to make it seem like a rather ferocious dog is behind your door. Set up Internet home security cameras so you can check in on your home from anywhere you have Internet access.

3 Definite Don’ts:
•    Don’t show too much concern – Compassion is a vital trait that many women possess in great amounts, but it can cause you detriment while traveling. It’s unfortunate, but thieves can play on this compassion and use it to their advantage. Instead, go into every situation with an air of objectively – exude a calm, level head, knowing that although you can show your caring nature, the situation may not be quite what it looks like.

•    Don’t go against your gut – We call it our “gut instinct” for a reason. Listen to your intuition – if it tells you that the street you’re walking on feels unsafe, get off of it. Our instincts often can “read” a situation before our heads can, so listen to what your body is telling you, and heed it!

•    Don’t forget to check-in – We hope your travels are smooth ones, but natural disasters and incidents are not outside the realm of possibility. Use social media tools, like 4Square and Facebook’s location features, to check in with your “location” while traveling, and be sure your friends and family members have access to your profile on these tools. If you’re in an area without cell phone or Internet access, regularly send letters and post cards to loved ones letting them know where you have been and plan to go as well as regular hotspots you are visiting.

Traveling is an enlightening experience, and with the right safety do’s and don’ts, women can experience travel with a carefree, optimistic attitude. The world is for our taking, so why not grab it?


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