Tips for Wilderness Travel

Wilderness travel presents obstacles that you may never have faced, so be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you head off… Read more >>

Epic Treks around the World

From the Pacific Crest Trail to the Snowman Trek, here are some of the world’s most epic treks… Read more >>

7 Must-See Antarctic Animals

From famous predators like the orca to fluffy, cuddly birds like the Adelie penguin, Antarctica has a lot to offer the wildlife enthusiast… Read more >>

Adventure Travel for Women Over 50

From the glaciers of Antarctica to the parched deserts of Africa, there are many places that an adventurous woman over 50 can go… Read more >>

6 Girlfriend Getaways for Adventurous Women

Whether you prefer the jungles of Belize or the glaciers of Iceland, there’s an adventurous girlfriend getaway that is perfect for you… Read more >>

women travelers10 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Travel Partner

Before you depart on that journey, consider these tips from a travel pro when you’re thinking about choosing that travel partner… Read more >>

woman rafting7 Adventure Travel Tips for Women

Adventure could mean a lot of things. What’s important is that for YOUR adventure, you’re prepared so as to avoid as many problems as possible when you’re moving out of your comfort zone. Check out these suggestions to make your journey more fun… Read more >>

spinning globe10 Tips for Traveling Around the Globe

Round the world travel is becoming all the rage. Here are some hot tips from someone who trotted the globe herself and learned a few things along the way… Read more >>

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