North America

Mayan Adventures with my 77-year-old Mother
by Chandi Wyant

The little panga slaps wildly on the waves but Baltazar, undaunted, continues on full throttle. Salt water douses our faces and I fling an arm around my 77-year-old mother… Read more >>

How It Ends
by Dawn Erickson

The bus goes off the road somewhere south of Cancun. We are returning to Cancun from Guatemala, the end of a long trip along the Ruta Maya… Read more >>

Lost Coast Found
by Lisa Henry

Desolation attempts to intimidate me sometime during the night as the wind kicks hard at my tent, disrupting the protection of a dream… Read more >>

Dogsled Cowgirl
by Spring Courtright

I was the only girl who stayed with the dogs all winter. I worked in the office at first. I had worn myself out managing and teaching kayak programs all summer… Read more >>

Passing on the Passion
by Karen Kern

On a cold day in January 1998, I made my way through the snowy landscape of Nebraska on a journey to meet my first and only nephew on the day he was born… Read more >>

Where I Stood
by Amanda Nichols

I woke startled again in my tent during the too-early hour where the line between night and morning is blurred and blue… Read more >>

Lessons from Mexico
by Suzanne Roberts

We were on an orange stucco balcony overlooking nothing in particular, overlooking everything… Read more >>

Happy Boy with TroutRhubarb in the Tackle Box
by Linda Dunlavy
The first thing I noticed on the fishing boat was a single stalk of pink rhubarb, just there on a table by itself… Read more >>


Maine Storms on the Appalachian Trail
by Megan Maxwell

Heavy raindrops beat down on my face, as I sit on my butt and slide over boulders the size of cars. I gaze into the forest ahead, searching for signs of the trail… Read more >>

Polar Bear

Polar Bears In My Window
by Sharon Spence Lieb

Churchill, in Manitoba, Canada, is known as The Polar Bear Capital of the World. On my flight aboard Calm Air, I relax with the onboard magazine… Read more >>


Finding Reverence Amongst the Redwoods
by Bonnie Etherington

As we drive along the Redwood Highway, I am reminded why so many great writers, the likes of Steinbeck and Muir, found their voices in the forests of Northern California… Read more >>


Mariposa in Sunlight
by Bonnie Etherington

(Spiritual Category Winner in the 2012 WanderWomen Write Travel Writing Contest)

November is warm this year in Mariposa, central California. The aspens that line the highway are almost naked. A few yellow leaves cling to the lower branches that arch against a blue blank sky. The leaves are dry… Read more >>

Jumping Off Plane

Burning a Hole in the Sky
by Ashley Cultra

(Grand prize winner in the 2012 Hawaii-themed Travel Writing Contest)

The metal handle is cold and merciless beneath my fingers. Another gust of salty air burns my nose as the wind sprints past. I am alone and lost in this remote fragment of heaven…. Read more >>

Steam from molten lava

Wavering on the Fiery Edge
by Nancy Kerstetter

(Earth Category winner in the 2012 Hawaii-themed Travel Writing Contest)

Like all good tourists who visit the Big Island, I was making an evening trek out to where the volcano lava was flowing at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in 2003. We drove in a long snake-like line of slow-moving vehicles… Read more >>

Ziplining in Maui

Falling Up
by Adam Kotlarczyk

(Sky Category winner in the 2012 Hawaii-themed Travel Writing Contest)

My years of training – many years – in no way prepared me for this: about to jump off a mountain. To be fair, my training isn’t in mountain climbing, or jumping, or anything physical at all… Read more >>

Hawaii Cliff

My Kauai Merman
by April Nelson

(Sea Category winner in the 2012 Hawaii-themed Travel Writing Contest)

A Kauai native with dive gear and a surfboard, Raf lived in the ocean. He had the muscles of a merman and wide feet that resembled those on the seagulls he swam with… Read more >>

Durango to Silverton TrainSeeing the World with New Eyes
by Linda Ballou
The blast from the whistle of the locomotive quickened my pulse. Make way Make way!.. I’m coming through, Read more >>
Women Bikers TrainingShifting Gears
by Elaine K. Miller
“chief of all the dangers attending this new development of feminine freedom [bicycling] is the intoxication which comes with unfettered liberty.” Read more >>

Obstacle Course WomanHardcore Holiday
by Judith Ritter
It’s 90 degrees and I am lying on my back in the sand while a six- foot tall man who is reputed to have blown up ships in enemy harbors and tracked Taliban in high mountains, is shouting a machine gun fire blast of orders in my face… Read more >>
Sunset-Coconut-TreeWhere the Spirit Moves You: Kohala Coast Hawaii
by Beth Whitman
“When I was growing up, we weren’t aloud to talk Hawaiian, now they have special immersion schools.” Danny Akaka walks us through the property at the Manua Lani Resort – pointing to petroglyphs and ancient boats as we make our way to the beach. Read more >>

AntlersAntlers in the Grass
by Kerri Kerber Dieffenwierth
The beefy woman on the big black horse in front of me seemed to sway her hips extravagantly from side to side, as if on purpose. Her kind gelding dutifully lowered his head and continued to stride smoothly through tall summer grasses and crushed wildflowers. Read more >>
Half DomeIn My Father’s Footsteps: Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome
by Drake Lucas
The granite steps to Half Dome proved a way to weed out hikers who had already put in six hours on a steadily climbing trail. Some weren’t even steps, just slabs of rock to scramble up… Read more >>

California CoastThe Magic of Esalen
by Susan Norton
Somehow, I missed the 60’s. Perhaps, I was just too busy pursuing other interests, such as bee hive hairdos, hot pants and the pursuit for a perfect husband to have the time or inclination to delve any deeper into my self awareness than a full length mirror would provide… Read more >>
spaCanyon Ranch Spa Experience
by Annette I.
Not long ago, a knee injury on top of a particularly challenging consulting assignment left me overwrought and stressed out! It was then that I found out spa vacations offered secret weapons against the pressures of home, office… Read more >>

Glen CanyonA New Frame of Mind
by Meg Peterson
The thirty-seven foot raft dived over the edge into the center of a churning, boiling cauldron of white foam… Read more >>
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