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Goal Zero Flip 20 RechargerGoal Zero Flip 20 Recharger

I find this handy when I am out for the day during my travels and discover that I have very little battery left to continue with liberally taking photos… Read more >>

Moji MassagersMoji Massagers

I’ve now turned to these handy pain relief products from Moji to relieve the pain in my quads and calves after a long run… Read more >>

Goal Zero Flip 10Goal Zero Flip 10

This recharger has a flip tip that plugs directly into a USB connection to power up and is lightweight, compact and easy to slip into a purse, or even pocket… Read more >>

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus KitGoal Zero Guide 10 Plus Kit

The solar panel is light enough and small enough that I easily hung it off my backpack and when we were hiking in full sun, it charged up just fine… Read more >>

JayBird BlueBuds Wireless HeadphonesJayBird BlueBuds Wireless Headphones

Wireless is the way to go… No longer tethered to my iPhone, I have plenty of freedom to move around while listening or talking… Read more >>

WD My Passport External Hard DriveWD My Passport External Hard Drive

I have two of this, and usually when I leave on a trip, I back up the same data to both… Read more >>

Sea to Summit Travel AdaptorsSea to Summit Travel Adaptors

I like my full set of Sea to Summit far better than any of the other mismatched ones I own… Read more >>

GoPro Hero3 Camera Black EditionGoPro Hero3 Camera Black Edition

Using a GoPro might just change the way you look at things… Read more >>

Powertrip ChargerPowerTrip Charger

Provides a power source with a solar option for those times I’m on the road without access to power plugs… Read more >>

Bassboomz SpeakersBassboomz Speakers

Much better than trying to listen to music with my iPhone speaker… a fun way to spread the music love with others… Read more >>

Yurbuds EarphonesYurbuds Earphones

Yurbuds relieved my issues with the earphones that came with my iPod… While made by athletes for athletes, anyone can enjoy them… Read more >>

LifeProof CaseLifeProof iPhone Case

This case allows for total functionality while completely protecting your iPhone from the elements… Read more >>

Timex Marathon GPSTimex Marathon GPS

I’d recommend this watch for traveling athletes… to track distances when running in a new destination without having to Google Map it… Read more >>

Kindle FireKindle Fire

Just when I didn’t think I needed another piece of technology I have to admit that I love love love this Kindle… Read more >>

Brunton Get-Back GPSBrunton Get-Back GPS Review and Giveaway

Would you like you’re very own (very gently tested) Brunton? I’m giving one away this month! Read more >>

MiFiMiFi Mobile Hotspot

I can see it being that useful to a frequent traveler… Read more >>

steripen freedom water purifierSteriPEN Freedom

Freedom’s first rechargeable water purifier.. also the smallest and lightest… Read more >>

GSI Vortex BlenderGSI Hand-crank Camp Blender

On that next car camping trip, prepare a protein smoothie or crush some ice for an end-of-day cocktail… Read more >>

Timex Health Tracker WatchTimex Health Tracker Watch

Keep tabs on your work-out progress…

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

Great companion to stay connected while travelling…

SteriPEN TravelerSteriPEN Traveler

The best water purifier to take on any trip… Read more >>

XshotXShot Monopod

Don’t struggle with getting yourself in the shot any longer… Read more >>

Xshot for iPhoneXShot Monopod for iPhone

Take photos of yourself using the XShot Monopod for your iPhone… Read more >>

Asus EeeAsus Eee Laptop

Leave your big laptop at home and grab a small netbook for that next trip… Read more >>

ipod nanoiPod 8GB Nano

So tiny! Load this up with your favorite travel tunes… Read more >>

kindleAmazon Kindle eReader

Leave all the heavy books at home and bring only the Kindle… Read more >>

izap toothbrush sanitizeriZap Toothbrush Sanitizer

Fight nasty germs on the road with this sanitizing toothbrush… Read more >>

scala Q2 headphones Scala Q2 Headphones

The motorcycle headphones feature noise canceling technology…

rumba time watch Rumba Time Watch

A simple sleek watch that’s easy to pack… Read more >>

flip video cameraFlip Video Camera

The easiest-to-use video camera you’ll ever find…

digital fociDigital Foci Photo Safe

Back up your images using this external system… Read more >>

zadroZadro UV Disinfection Light

Get ride of germs using UV light…

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