Photo of the Day: iPhone therefore iTake (photos)

by Beth Whitman (August 6th, 2010)

Last week was prophetic. I started my photos of Vashon Island post by saying, “I got a new camera.” I didn’t actually. Jon has loaned me his SLR for my trip next week to Papua New Guinea so it’s not really “mine.” But this week… I DO have a new camera. It’s because I managed […]

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Photo of the Day: Vashon Island

by Beth Whitman (July 29th, 2010)

I got a new camera! Well, not really. I leave in about a week and half for Papua New Guinea. When I showed Jon this gallery of images from the tourism board’s website, he said, “You have to take my camera.” Having given up my big clunky SLR many years ago (and many rolls of […]

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Photo of the Day: Pacific Northwest Summer

by Beth Whitman (July 16th, 2010)

I admit I’ve been a little cranky about Seattle summer. It JUST arrived and now I’m pleased as punch. No complaints from this gal who is reveling in the sunshine and temps that have been reaching the 80’s (yup that’s warm for us – I can hear a collective gasp from the rest of the […]

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