TSA Agent Confession ~ More on TSA Body Scanners

by Beth Whitman (February 4th, 2014)

I’ve only ever walked through a TSA body scanner once. It was during a layover in an airport. I now can’t even remember which one. And it was only because after deplaning I was forced to go outside of the security zone and then back into another terminal to catch my connecting flight. The flight [...]

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Backscatter Whole Body Scanners – Why Research Matters

by Beth Whitman (June 12th, 2012)

Call me paranoid. Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me crazy. But I won’t walk through a backscatter scanner at airport security. I have 2 primary reasons for this: There hasn’t been enough research done to know what the long-term effects of these x-ray scanners might be. I’ve yet to fully understand how something that [...]

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Opting Out of Full Body Scanners

by Beth Whitman (March 14th, 2011)

March 15th is Everything You Think is Wrong Day. I want to take a moment to explore two aspects of this. The first is how my assumptions about opting out of the fully body scanners were wrong. The second aspect is how important it is to actually think and make conscious choices. Last week at [...]

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