Are Full Body Scanners Safe?

by Beth Whitman (June 23rd, 2015)

I’ve written the past couple of weeks about the TSA Pre✓ program and the Global Entry program. Both are great for frequent travelers who want to get through lines at the airport more quickly. If you’re like me, however, you’ll avoid these programs because you must be fingerprinted in order to be part of them. Call […]

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The ABC’s of Global Entry

by Beth Whitman (June 16th, 2015)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about TSA Pre✓ when I realized that not everyone knows what this expedited screening process is. But what goes hand in hand with TSA Pre✓ is Global Entry, another expedited program. This one allows you to get through customs lines in the U.S. upon arrival on an international flight. […]

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The ABC’s of TSA Pre✓

by Beth Whitman (June 2nd, 2015)

Many of you probably already know what the TSA Pre✓ program is, but I recently realized there are a lot of people who still don’t yet know about this expedited screening process at the airport. I’m going to say up front that I do not participate in it. My only objection to it is that you have […]

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