This Month Win Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear from ExOfficio

by Beth Whitman (May 1st, 2015)

Congratulations to Kelly K. from Jasper, Alabama, a new subscriber to the Wanderlust and Lipstick Newsletter, for winning this month’s prize! ***** ExOfficio started in Seattle just before I moved here. I feel pretty fortunate about that fact because with them being in my backyard, I’ve been able to get to know them pretty well […]

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Timex Marathon GPS ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 6th, 2013)

No, I’m not physically (or mentally) prepared for a marathon, yet. But I am technologically :-). Actually, my interest in wanting to test out the Timex Marathon GPS was far simpler than wanting to run a marathon. I took up running so that I’d have a way to exercise when I travel. But the issue, […]

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Lipault 20″ Wheeled Duffel Carry-on ~ WanderGear Wedensday

by Beth Whitman (March 28th, 2012)

It must be hard to be inventive in the luggage space. I mean, so few manufacturers are able to actually create something original. But Lipault has done something pretty cool with this 20″ Wheeled Duffel Carry-on bag. Actually, they’ve done several awesome things. First, the bag comes in 7 colors, not least of which is […]

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Dansko Vegan Pro Geo Flannel Clogs – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (February 15th, 2012)

No way can I call myself a full-on vegan, but I definitely lean that way in terms of my eating habits. I do know that there are hard-core vegans out there (I’m not sure, but I think the majority of them live in Portlandia) who won’t wear a clothing product that is derived from an […]

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Celebrate the New Year with a SteriPEN – This Month’s Giveaway

by Beth Whitman (January 3rd, 2012)

The folks over at SteriPEN keep providing me with water purifiers to give away. And I keep taking them up on the offer This month you could be the lucky winner! If you’re not familiar with SteriPEN, here are a couple of basics: These are small, easy to carry water purifiers. The UV light used […]

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WanderGear: Sherpa Vajra Jacket and Jumla Hat

by Beth Whitman (December 4th, 2011)

The first time you do something, you’re likely either under- or over-prepared. I was the former on my first trek to Bhutan last year. I didn’t quite have all the clothes and gear to make it the perfect trip. But on my second time around, during our trek to Laya, I had a much better […]

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Best Books about Papua New Guinea

by Beth Whitman (June 17th, 2011)

Reviews about the best books on Papua New Guinea including memoirs, coffee table books and guidebooks. All good reads for those going on a custom tour, group tour or independent tour of Papua New Guinea.

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Still Time to Enter the XShot Contest This Month!

by Beth Whitman (March 22nd, 2011)

This month we’re doing 2 giveaways – that means 2 people will receive an XShot Camera Extender AND the iPhone 4 Tripod Case. You’ve got ’til the end of the month to win YOURS! Here’s the deal… the XShot Camera Extender allows you to secure your digital camera to the end of this monopod, set […]

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xShot iPhone 4 Case – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (January 19th, 2011)

I talk about xShot so much that you all likely think I work for the company. Really – their products are some of my very favorite travel products. They’re inexpensive, well-made and an absolute must for solo travelers. If you’re not familiar with xShot… they have created a line of monopods with adjustable arms. This […]

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Natural and Ayurvedic Products: WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (October 12th, 2010)

Elemental Herbs I pretty much like to stick with natural products as much as possible. Sure, I like to wear a spritz of perfume now and again, but when it comes to lip balms, salves and ointments, I keep my eye open for ‘a naturale.’ When I was at the Outdoor Retailer show in August, […]

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