This Month Win Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear from ExOfficio

by Beth Whitman (May 1st, 2015)

Congratulations to Kelly K. from Jasper, Alabama, a new subscriber to the Wanderlust and Lipstick Newsletter, for winning this month’s prize! ***** ExOfficio started in Seattle just before I moved here. I feel pretty fortunate about that fact because with them being in my backyard, I’ve been able to get to know them pretty well […]

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Timex Marathon GPS ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 6th, 2013)

No, I’m not physically (or mentally) prepared for a marathon, yet. But I am technologically :-). Actually, my interest in wanting to test out the Timex Marathon GPS was far simpler than wanting to run a marathon. I took up running so that I’d have a way to exercise when I travel. But the issue, […]

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Lipault 20″ Wheeled Duffel Carry-on ~ WanderGear Wedensday

by Beth Whitman (March 28th, 2012)

It must be hard to be inventive in the luggage space. I mean, so few manufacturers are able to actually create something original. But Lipault has done something pretty cool with this 20″ Wheeled Duffel Carry-on bag. Actually, they’ve done several awesome things. First, the bag comes in 7 colors, not least of which is […]

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