Bhutan April, 2009 – Update 5

by Beth Whitman (June 17th, 2009)

The big finale for our tour to Bhutan was climbing to Tiger’s Nest. The above photo was taken from the viewpoint a bit more than a stone’s throw from this spectacular monastery. This sacred building, located not far from the town of Paro, is perched on the side of a mountain more than 10,000 feet […]

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Bhutan April, 2009: Update 1

by Beth Whitman (May 12th, 2009)

It’s been a difficult return to Seattle for me and I’ve struggled to plant myself at my laptop to share my stories about Bhutan. After spending 12 days traversing the mountains of the Himalayas, hiking switchbacks up mountaintops to see spectacular views of valleys below and snow-covered mountains, life in Seattle seems trivial. Facebook, Twitter, […]

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Bhutan Rolls Back Daily Tariff Increase

by Beth Whitman (January 15th, 2009)

Tiger’s Nest Monastery A few months ago, the Bhutanese government made an unpopular decision to increase the daily tariff for tourists from $200 to $250 U.S. While this covers nearly all of a traveler’s expenses when in-country, even $200 a day is pretty steep for Asia. So why is Bhutan so expensive? There are two […]

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April Bhutan Tour – Deadline Approaching

by Beth Whitman (October 17th, 2008)

If you’ve been considering joining me for the April women-only tour to Bhutan, the deadline that will guarantee you a spot is October 25th. The trip runs from April 25th through May 6th, 2009. This 12-day journey is going to be a very special opportunity to bond with other WanderGals and to connect with the […]

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Sightseeing in Paro, Bhutan

by Beth Whitman (April 28th, 2008)

Paro Valley Our first days in Bhutan were busy and filled with amazing sights. We couldn’t get enough of the architecture – buildings are uniformly square and painted white with relatively flat roofs. Swiss-style trim and paintings accentuate each home, office building and retail shop. Decorated window – very typical After landing early in the […]

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Touchdown in Paro, Bhutan

by Beth Whitman (April 24th, 2008)

You may have heard about landing in Paro, Bhutan. It’s a thrill ride, for sure, as the Druk Air plane banks between Himalayan foothills, gently landing on the short runway at Bhutan’s only airport. Truth be told, it wasn’t quite as scary as I had anticipated (I’ll be posting a video of our landing soon). […]

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