North Face Thermoball Jacket ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (September 3rd, 2014)

When it comes to synthetic insulated jackets, apparently all roads lead to The North Face. On my numerous trips to REI and other outdoor retailers to research the best “puffy coat” to bring with me on the Snowman Trek, the sales clerks consistently pointed me toward The North Face and, specifically, the Thermoball. Here’s why… […]

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Prepping for the Snowman Trek

by Beth Whitman (July 28th, 2014)

Hopefully by now you know I’m leaving for Bhutan in September to do the Snowman Trek. In brief, the Snowman Trek is a 220 mile, 25-day hike in the Himalayas. At times we’ll be at over 18,000 feet and, during the trek, we’ll be going over numerous passes above 16,000 feet. It’s said that more […]

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Bhutan Tsechu ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (April 19th, 2013)

The tsechu is central to Bhutan’s cultural heritage and preservation. These religious festivals are held regularly throughout the year, with each region holding their own tsechu. People come from surrounding communities to meet, watch and bond over these spectacular Buddhist events. The tsechus are typically held in the courtyard of the local monastery and the […]

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