Going to Santa Fe? Here’s Where to Eat

by Beth Whitman (June 20th, 2014)

We just wrapped up our Santa Fe Culinary Tour for this year (you can probably hear the buttons popping on my pants). This is one big culinary town so it’s hard to nail down a short list of where to eat in Santa Fe. But, here’s a start for some places you don’t want to […]

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Going to New Orleans? Here’s Where to Eat

by Beth Whitman (June 13th, 2014)

I don’t even know where to start when I think about all the food I consumed during our four-day culinary tour to New Orleans. On the one hand, four days is not enough because there’s so much to sample. But on the other hand, four days is almost too much when you consider all the […]

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Energy Gels for the Athletic Traveler

by Beth Whitman (November 26th, 2013)

This energy gel stuff is pretty new to me. It wasn’t until I started doing P90X (an extreme workout program) this summer that I became super aware of my protein and carb intake and started making sure that I was getting enough carbs to fuel my workouts and enough protein to build muscle. If you’re […]

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