This Month Win a Pair of Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts

by Beth Whitman (April 1st, 2014)

It’s nearly summertime, summertime sum sum summertime. Well, it felt like that for me last week when I was in Hawaii! It was fun to pull out my warm weather clothes and test out some new items, including these Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts. The first thing I noticed about them is how lightweight they [...]

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Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh Shoes Review

by Beth Whitman (March 6th, 2014)

I have to laugh when I think back to the times I packed my very heavy New Balance sneakers when I traveled. It was when I first started running and these were what I was running in at the time. I’m far more practical (well, cheap) to go out and buy multiples of items just [...]

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Sierra Designs Capiz Jacket ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (January 15th, 2014)

My biggest concern when I hike the Snowman Trek later this year, is staying warm. We’ll be up as high as 18,000 feet. There are 11 passes total with many of them over 16,000 feet. Whoa. Having done a portion of this trek already, I know what it feels like (not good) to sleep in [...]

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