Vibram Bikila EVO Shoes ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 25th, 2015)

Depending on whom you listen to, you might think that minimalist or barefoot running (and walking) is completely passe. A fad that’s gone the way of Crocs. But for those of us who got hooked on this style, we remain fanatics and there’s little changing our minds. As you likely know, I really only started […]

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REI Venturi T-Shirt ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 18th, 2015)

A woman I know told me that when she shops for travel clothes, the first place she goes to is the activewear department of a store. You know, the area where you find yoga, running and hiking clothes. I thought that was a brilliant idea and did a little head slap that I hadn’t thought […]

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Icebreaker Quantum Long Sleeve Zip Hood ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 11th, 2015)

You might recall from my post in the fall reviewing the Icebreaker Tech Top that I’m a relative newcomer to the Icebreaker bandwagon. It wasn’t until I really started hiking in warm weather that I “got” the value of merino wool. I hiked day after day on the Snowman Trek in that Tech Top and […]

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