Panasonic Lumix Camera – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (June 1st, 2011)

Panasonic Lumix Cameras I’ve been through a lot in terms of camera equipment. And I’ve been through a lot of camera equipment. In 2000 I took a business trip to Italy and carried probably 20 pounds of Canon gear with me including a 300mm image stabilizer lens (the photographers out there might be impressed with […]

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Still Time to Enter the XShot Contest This Month!

by Beth Whitman (March 22nd, 2011)

This month we’re doing 2 giveaways – that means 2 people will receive an XShot Camera Extender AND the iPhone 4 Tripod Case. You’ve got ’til the end of the month to win YOURS! Here’s the deal… the XShot Camera Extender allows you to secure your digital camera to the end of this monopod, set […]

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xShot iPhone 4 Case – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (January 19th, 2011)

I talk about xShot so much that you all likely think I work for the company. Really – their products are some of my very favorite travel products. They’re inexpensive, well-made and an absolute must for solo travelers. If you’re not familiar with xShot… they have created a line of monopods with adjustable arms. This […]

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WanderTip: Adapter Plugs and Converters

by Beth Whitman (February 23rd, 2009)

Huh? I’ve been traveling for so long (22 years and counting), that I sometimes take what I’ve learned for granted. I forget that not everyone has a whole closet-full of knowledge built up in terms of what they know when it comes to hitting the road. A friend emailed me recently just days before he […]

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