Zambia – aka Africa-light

by Beth Whitman (May 22nd, 2012)

When I emailed my friend Leslie, who lives in Africa most of the year (and runs Mamba Tembo Tours), that I had heard people refer to Zambia as Africa-light, she emailed back and said that was interesting because most people call South Africa, Africa-light. HA! It was actually two South Africans who told me this […]

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Komboni Tour in Lusaka, Zambia

by Beth Whitman (May 18th, 2012)

As I write this post, I’m sitting on a plane. Next to me is a couple with a toddler. The child is crying. They’re showing him videos, looking at picture books, feeding him Fruit Loops and alternating between sippy cups of water and juice in an attempt to keep him quiet and from pounding on […]

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We Bought a Library! (in Zambia)

by Beth Whitman (May 11th, 2012)

Actually, YOU bought a library. And it was officially 2 libraries that were funded when you donated to Passports with Purpose in 2011 during our annual 2-week fundraiser. As co-founders, Michelle Duffy of WanderMom, Debbie Dubrow of DeliciousBaby and I got to visit one of the libraries during an opening ceremony. (Sadly, our other co-founders, […]

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Help us Build Libraries in Zambia and Win a Big Island Luxury Getaway

by Beth Whitman (November 30th, 2011)

Seattleites adore Hawaii – it’s (relatively) close; the weather is almost always nice; and it’s got everything you could desire for a vacation – palm trees, warm, blue water and beautiful resorts. I visited the Big Island for the first time this fall. The Kohala Coast to be specific. It’s the driest region of all […]

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Paraplegic to Climb Mt. Kili

by Beth Whitman (September 17th, 2009)

There are a lot of unsung heroes out there. Without a doubt, I would venture to say that Chris Waddell is one of them. Chris is leaving the U.S. on Sunday for Africa. He’s going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not so special until you know that Chris is a paraplegic. If he succeeds, he’ll be […]

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Join This Tanzania Migration Safari – February, 2009

by Beth Whitman (July 21st, 2008)

Lion in Serengeti National Park Though I’ve always met interesting people in my travels, it’s been in the last few years (since launching the Wanderlust and Lipstick series) that my travel network has grown tremendously and some truly amazing people have crossed my path. My friend, Leslie Nevison, is one of them. Leslie lives in […]

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