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On My Bookshelf in 2014 ~ Travel Book Recommendations

by Beth Whitman (January 20th, 2014)

These are the books currently stacked up on my nightstand. One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to read more. I don’t mean blogs and Facebook posts. I mean books. Whether in the physical form or on my Kindle, it doesn’t matter. But it needs to be a book. So far so good. […]

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Best Books on Burma (Myanmar)

by Beth Whitman (February 19th, 2013)

There aren’t a gazillion books about the country, but if you’re looking for the best books on Burma (Myanmar), this list is a good starting point. From the Land of Green Ghostsby Pascal Khoo ThweOne of the best accounts (a true memoir!) I’ve read from a guerilla fighter who flees Mandalay and takes up arms […]

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Best Books About India

by Beth Whitman (January 31st, 2012)

There are lots of books out there on or about India. Here’s just the start to a list that could go on forever. Travelers Tales India – There’s nothing like reading other people’s true stories about their travels to a given destination. It really helps to envision yourself at that locale (for better and worse!). […]

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Best Books about Papua New Guinea

by Beth Whitman (June 17th, 2011)

Reviews about the best books on Papua New Guinea including memoirs, coffee table books and guidebooks. All good reads for those going on a custom tour, group tour or independent tour of Papua New Guinea.

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Best Books on Bhutan

by Beth Whitman (May 23rd, 2011)

Reviews and list of the best books on and about Bhutan. Includes the most popular memoirs and guide books good for both group and independent travel.

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WanderGear Wednesday: Rough Guides

by Beth Whitman (March 17th, 2010)

Before setting out for 5 weeks of travel through Southeast Asia, I stocked up on the Rough Guides to the region. For my time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, I not only researched using the individual country guides but was delighted to find that they publish a complete guide to the area called Southeast Asia on […]

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WanderGear Wednesday: Kindle and Cover

by Beth Whitman (February 24th, 2010)

I tested out the first version of the Kindle when it came out and I wasn’t totally impressed. I had tested it side-by-side with the Sony Digital Reader and actually preferred the Sony because of the user interface. I now have the second generation Kindle and will be bringing this with me when I leave […]

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Making a list, checking it twice – Preparing for 5 weeks of travel!

by Beth Whitman (February 22nd, 2010)

I leave in about 48 hours for Hanoi. (Aaaaaah!) But Vietnam isn’t the only country I’ll be visiting in the next 5 weeks. I’ll also be in Cambodia, Thailand and Bhutan. It appears that temps will range from the 90s in Bangkok and Saigon to the 30s (at night) in Thimphu, Bhutan. As the queen […]

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Papua New Guinea – Off the Charts

by Beth Whitman (February 8th, 2010)

It’s been a very very long time since I sat down with a guide book to read up on a destination that I know little about. Last week my Lonely Planet guide to Papua New Guinea arrived from Amazon. PNG is a country that I’ve wanted to visit for something like 20 years. I’ve seen […]

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Mid-Month Mish-Mash

by Beth Whitman (December 15th, 2009)

A few quick items… Passports with Purpose We’ve got less than a week to go for our Passports with Purpose fundraiser. Donated your 10 bucks yet to help us provide food and clean water to those kids at the soon-to-be Passport School? Not to worry, you have until end of day Monday, December 21 to […]

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