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XShot to Sponsor the Snowman Trek!

by Beth Whitman (January 31st, 2014)

Hopefully by now you’ve heard me talk about the Snowman Trek in Bhutan. That’s a little 25-day adventure, OK, a freaking EPIC 25-day adventure that I’m embarking on in September. Yup, 25 days in the Himalayas. Sleeping in a tent. At altitudes as high as 18,000+ feet. But with views like this every day! I […]

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Book a 2014 Bhutan Tour ~ Save 5%

by Beth Whitman (January 17th, 2014)

I admit it. The first time someone mentioned Bhutan to me, I had to Google it. I had no idea where it was located. Shortly thereafter, I was leading a tour to the Kingdom. Most people to whom I mention Bhutan, have the same puzzled look that I once had. But with visits from Oprah, […]

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Thailand and Laos Hill Tribe Tour Announced

by Beth Whitman (September 6th, 2013)

Many women over the years have requested that I do a tour to Thailand. I’ve resisted because, frankly, (to me) Thailand isn’t a super difficult place in which to travel. The people are delightful, there are many hotel and restaurant options, and there’s often someone nearby who can speak English if you get lost, stuck, […]

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