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Christmas Lights Around the World

by Beth Whitman (December 20th, 2013)

I’m like a little kid when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations. I get just a bit giddy when I see the bling and razzle dazzle of the holiday season. Here’s a look at some Christmas lights around the world… Christmas Tree and Macy’s Star at Westlake Center, Seattle Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center […]

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Join me for the Bhutan Paro Festival!

by Beth Whitman (December 13th, 2013)

I truuuuly love Bhutan and its people. It’s a magical destination where very special things happen. For example, during several of tours we’ve run into the royal family, including one where we met and spoke with the King and Queen (the day after their wedding, no less!). Hiking to Tiger’s Nest often brings tears to […]

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Photo of the Day ~ Seattle Sunset

by Beth Whitman (September 13th, 2013)

I traveled A LOT earlier this year, having been abroad for most of March – May and then running domestic tours in June. I therefore made a conscious decision to stick around Seattle for the summer (and the fall, too). I lucked out because this summer we had the most amazing weather, better than we’ve […]

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New Mexican Food (part I) ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (June 21st, 2013)

In some ways, I’m glad I don’t live in Santa Fe (as much as I love it) because New Mexican food is so rich. Surrounded with food like this, well, the results would not be good. Though you can’t tell, these are vegetarian enchiladas from the Church Street Cafe in Albuquerque. In good New Mexican […]

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Kauai ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (May 24th, 2013)

Hawaii can really get under your skin. For me it’s a visceral feeling. And it’s not just because I’m on “vacation” (because there’s always work involved, even when I’m on vacation). It’s the attitude of the Hawaiians. A laid-back feeling. It’s what some call “aloha.” But it’s well exemplified in this sign at one of […]

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Papua New Guinea Sepik River ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (February 22nd, 2013)

The Sepik River in the northern part of Papua New Guinea is the longest river in the country. It flows, in a northwestern fashion, from the west of the country, spilling briefly into Indonesia’s Papua, and then eastward into the Bismarck Sea. It’s not a swift flowing river, but it’s mighty. And it is SO […]

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Salt Lake City Snow and Ice ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (February 8th, 2013)

One of my favorite places to fly into is Salt Lake City. When I go, I usually have an early morning flight, which means that I get to watch the sunrise as we’re descending. And I always feel like a kid, glued to the plane’s window, like I’ve never seen such a sight before. Having […]

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Cargo Bikes in Vietnam ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (January 11th, 2013)

Vietnam has a motorbike problem. There are simply too many of them (a 2010 report suggests there are 25 million registered bikes). They’re a source for pollution in Saigon and Hanoi and the cause of more than 15,000 deaths/year due to lax traffic and helmet laws (oh, and really bad drivers). Still, it’s completely fascinating […]

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Norwegian Woods ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (January 4th, 2013)

A couple of years ago, I was invited to Norway to attend A Christmas Concert in Norway and also the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony (and Concert) in Oslo. What an opportunity, eh? Yes, the Concert at Vang Church in Hamar was lovely. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony humbling (it was the year that Liu Xiaobo […]

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Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (November 16th, 2012)

Sitting atop a hill, Shwedagon Pagoda and its golden gilded stupa, can be seen from many locations around Yangon. By some accounts, this revered Buddhist site is the oldest pagoda in the world at 2,600 years (other accounts put it at 1,000 – 1,400 years old). The pagoda enshrines eight hairs from Gautama Buddha and […]

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