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Passports with Purpose Wins the SMITTY Award!

by Beth Whitman (June 4th, 2013)

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for me that has included travel (since early March: Berlin, Bhutan, Thailand, Laos, Haiti, Miami, Kauai, NYC, New Jersey, Toronto, Albuquerque, Santa Fe), activities (hiking, eating, biking, flying, throwing dinner parties), and announcements (my involvement with Expedia’s Viewfinder blog). It’s been crazy, too. But it’s all good! And […]

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Haiti Visit ~ Passports with Purpose

by Beth Whitman (May 13th, 2013)

Last week, Mara Gorman and I went to Haiti to visit a couple of communities where water wells were (and still are being) constructed. These are wells funded by the Passports with Purpose fundraiser late last year. In total, we raised just over $116,000 which will ultimately fund six wells (whoo hoo!). It was a […]

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Haiti ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (May 10th, 2013)

I’ll write more about my brief visit to Haiti next week, but I wanted to add this photo today to show the beauty in these people. The above photo was taken at the inaugural ceremony of one of the water wells that was funded by Passports with Purpose during our 2012 fundraiser. The man (and […]

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