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Take Our Newsletter Survey ~ Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

by Beth Whitman (November 19th, 2012)

The Wanderlust and Lipstick newsletter has more 8,500 subscribers. Are you one? If so, we’d love to hear what you think about it. Please take a moment to fill out this very brief questionnaire so that we can best provide you with the information you’re looking for in a newsletter. To, uh, bribe you into […]

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On the Road This Week in Orlando and Colorado

by Beth Whitman (September 12th, 2010)

I’m on the road this week with a few speaking gigs! Today I’m speaking at The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando. This is an event that is part of The Trade Show, where representatives for hotels, tourism boards, etc. can meet travel agents to bring awareness to their destinations and services. This is the first […]

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Paraplegic to Climb Mt. Kili

by Beth Whitman (September 17th, 2009)

There are a lot of unsung heroes out there. Without a doubt, I would venture to say that Chris Waddell is one of them. Chris is leaving the U.S. on Sunday for Africa. He’s going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not so special until you know that Chris is a paraplegic. If he succeeds, he’ll be […]

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