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Roman Holiday with Walks of Italy

by Beth Whitman (January 18th, 2013)

When I was a young backpacker, I probably missed experiencing a lot of sights. My goal was to see how far I could get my dollars to stretch, so my money went toward accommodations and food – the basics. I chose local (often uncomfortable) buses over more expensive trains. I stayed in hotels as cheap […]

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Italian-style Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

by Beth Whitman (October 29th, 2012)

Before I can give you the recipe for my now perfected pizza, I have to first give a nod to the folks at Walks of Italy. At the end of a half-day tour of Rome earlier this year, we took a pizza making class by a master pizza maker at his restaurant. You might already […]

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Eating Italy Food Tours in Rome

by Beth Whitman (June 22nd, 2012)

Given that I’m in Santa Fe at the moment with our Culinary Tour, and this week IS all about food, I thought it would be good to step back in time (not THAT long ago, just two months) and revisit Italy for a food tour there. When in Rome, I had a chance to join […]

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