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What I Learned on the Seattle Culinary Tour

by Beth Whitman (July 2nd, 2013)

I joke that having grown up with three brothers, running women-only tours is like being around a group of sisters I never had. And there’s always something fun to learn from them (like what a muffin top is and what Spanx are – seriously things I learned about recently from my tour peeps). On this […]

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Italian-style Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

by Beth Whitman (October 29th, 2012)

Before I can give you the recipe for my now perfected pizza, I have to first give a nod to the folks at Walks of Italy. At the end of a half-day tour of Rome earlier this year, we took a pizza making class by a master pizza maker at his restaurant. You might already […]

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Vegetarians: When all Else Fails in Spain, Eat Gelato

by Beth Whitman (September 24th, 2012)

Friends warned me that it might be a little difficult to find vegetarian food in Spain. I heard them but I figured really, how hard COULD it be? Kinda hard, I discovered. I’m in Spain because I was invited to speak at TBEX (the travel bloggers conference). The conference was in Girona in Northeast Catalonia […]

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