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RTW and Long-term Travel Trends

by Beth Whitman (June 14th, 2010)

I read a review recently of my book, The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo, that wasn’t exactly favorable. Though she was nice about it, Anastasia over at the Bird Brain(ed) Book Blog, suggested that I didn’t address long term travel enough and instead concentrated on travel for business types and their ability to travel […]

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The Google Factor: Ethical Business – Ethical Travel

by Beth Whitman (January 18th, 2010)

Google’s been in a tussle with China for some time now over the decision to censor content in their search results. On a Google blog post dated January 12, the company states that Google launched their China site, “in the belief that the benefits of increased access to information for people in China and a […]

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Where Have all the Clunkers Gone?

by Beth Whitman (September 28th, 2009)

I was almost sucked into the excitement of the Cash for Clunkers program. I test drove a Smart Car and briefly considered trading in my ’99 Jeep Wrangler for one. Turns out I didn’t like the way the Smart Car shifts gears and abandoned the whole idea. (Go test drive one if you don’t know […]

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The Many Faces, er Beds, of Couchsurfing

by Beth Whitman (April 6th, 2009)

I’ve couchsurfed all over the West Coast of the U.S. and in India. I’ve slept on sofas in the middle of living rooms and in home offices. I’ve slumbered in spare bedrooms. I’ve been treated to amazing dinners and great coffee. I’ve dined with families, couples and a transgender person with breasts and a beard. […]

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Ethical Travel – Have You Sinned?

by Beth Whitman (March 23rd, 2009)

I’m not a perfect traveler. As a vegetarian, I’ve turned down chicken after the poor bird was ceremoniously killed in a remote Vietnamese village on my (and my traveling companion’s) behalf. I’ve hugged a male Indian friend and only realized afterward how incredibly uncomfortable he was with my display of (very innocent) affection. And I’ve […]

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WanderGear Wednesday: FlyBag for Toiletries

by Beth Whitman (February 11th, 2009)

We’re are all trying to stay on top of the ever-changing rules from the TSA. Currently, you are not allowed to carry liquids through security unless they are in 3 oz. or smaller containers and can fit in a quart-size zip-top clear bag. Me? I’ve been putting my toiletries in sandwich bags but these tend […]

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Calling Mother Earthship: New Mexico

by Beth Whitman (January 21st, 2009)

Earthships in New Mexico In December, Jon and I took off for a little belated birthday getaway weekend for me. We went to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs about an hour north of Santa Fe. We luxuriated in the mineral pools, got a massage and generally just unplugged. Having very little Internet access was a blessing […]

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Passports With Purpose – Travel Bloggers Doing Good

by Beth Whitman (November 18th, 2008)

It started out as a little get together over a pot of coffee and homemade coffee cake in a West Seattle home. Four Seattle travel bloggers talking travel and blogging. It turned into Passports With Purpose, a fundraiser and opportunity to make a difference in the world. That’s what happened when Michelle Duffy (WanderMom), Debbie […]

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Send Me Your Eco-travel Tip – Win a SteriPEN

by Beth Whitman (June 25th, 2008)

Don’t forget to send me your eco-friendly travel tip so that you can be entered to win a SteriPEN traveler! I’ll announce the winner in my July newsletter (sign up here if you don’t already receive it). To enter the contest, simply let me know how you travel lightly when you’re on the road. Send […]

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Win a SteriPEN!

by Beth Whitman (June 9th, 2008)

It’s simple. I just want to hear your eco-friendly travel tip(s) during the month of June! How do you travel lightly while you’re on the road? No longer buy bottled water? Don’t let the maids wash your towels? Those are easy. Let’s hear something different and interesting! Come on – send ’em to me and […]

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