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Cargo Bikes in Vietnam ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (January 11th, 2013)

Vietnam has a motorbike problem. There are simply too many of them (a 2010 report suggests there are 25 million registered bikes). They’re a source for pollution in Saigon and Hanoi and the cause of more than 15,000 deaths/year due to lax traffic and helmet laws (oh, and really bad drivers). Still, it’s completely fascinating […]

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Book a Tour in April – Save $150!

by Beth Whitman (April 7th, 2011)

My tax refund to YOU is to put $150 in your travel fund. All you need to do is book an international WanderTour in the month of April, and you’ll save $150 bucks! Such a deal! Here’s a roundup of the 2011 tours: Papua New Guinea Mt. Hagen Singsing Cultural Tour Dates: August 5 – […]

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Why Vietnam Should be on YOUR List

by Beth Whitman (October 11th, 2010)

The range of responses that I get when I tell people that I’ve been to Vietnam 8 times is wide. Many people are jealous and state that they’ve dreamed about traveling to Southeast Asia. Others have a perplexed look on their face and tell me they would never go there (usually, and this is an […]

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