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xShot iPhone 4 Case – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (January 19th, 2011)

I talk about xShot so much that you all likely think I work for the company. Really – their products are some of my very favorite travel products. They’re inexpensive, well-made and an absolute must for solo travelers. If you’re not familiar with xShot… they have created a line of monopods with adjustable arms. This […]

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Tom Bihn Co-Pilot Bag – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (December 15th, 2010)

Now that I’m the proud owner of an Asus Eee netbook, I needed an appropriately-sized bag to carry it around in. Let me start by saying that I’m partial to Tom Bihn bags. And there are several reasons for this. One, they are based in the Seattle-area and I do like to support local companies. […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Clothes – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (December 1st, 2010)

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite travel clothes… Isis Vendi Jacket – This jacket is great for cool, inclement weather. It’s got a thin waterproof/breathable membrane with a moisture-wicking microfleece interior. The stretch polyester has enough give so that you can do your outdoor sporty stuff without feeling restrained. Great for wet and […]

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Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

by Beth Whitman (November 29th, 2010)

Looking for the best stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life? Here are some of my favorites. Also check out my Travel Clothes Gift Guide and Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers. Smartwools Socks – If you are not already a fan of these amazing socks, you will be after your first pair. Warm and […]

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Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (November 24th, 2010)

Looking for the best gifts for the traveler in your life? Here are some of my favorites that I’ve become very attached to. Also check out my Travel Clothes Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffers for Travelers. Amazon Kindle – You’re a traveler. And you’re a reader. You should not be hitting the road without a […]

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Ellington Annie Crossbody Purse – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (November 3rd, 2010)

When I head out the door for a walk (which I do almost daily), I don’t like to weigh down my pockets with the few items I take with me. Instead, I usually carry a small shoulder bag to hold my wallet, iPhone and keys. I have been in the habit of stuffing these items […]

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Scala Rider Q2 Headsets for Motorcycles: WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (September 22nd, 2010)

It was a miserable summer for motorcycle riding in Seattle. Early on, I got my bike (a BMW F650) all prepped so that Jon and I could take off for a couple of weekend getaways. We love to go camping around the Pacific Northwest and we had high hopes for summer 2010. And then the […]

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Briggs & Riley Explore 22″ Upright Carry-on – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (September 8th, 2010)

Earlier this year, Briggs & Riley launched their new BRX Adventure line of luggage. At first glance, I wouldn’t have necessarily put the Explore 22″ Upright carry-on bag in the “adventure” travel category. After all, it IS a good looking, almost business-style bag. But, there are some features about this piece of luggage that definitely […]

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Safe Mosquito Repellents for Travelers – WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (August 25th, 2010)

I had the opportunity in Papua New Guinea to test out a couple of natural safe mosquito repellents. I am not one to take malaria tablets due to their side effects and I go running when I see a DEET-based mosquito repellent. While some might think this is irresponsible, I simply don’t like to ingest […]

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WanderGear Wednesday: Asus Eee Netbook

by Beth Whitman (August 18th, 2010)

I purchased my Asus Eee Netbook earlier this year before heading out on a 5-week journey through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Bhutan. Prior to that trip, I had never taken a laptop on an international adventure. This is mainly because I do all of my work on my laptop (I switched to a MAC a […]

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