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Top 10 Unique Hotels in Bangkok

by Beth Whitman (December 8th, 2012)

I use Bangkok as a jumping off point for many of my adventures, specifically when I travel to Bhutan and Burma. That puts me there at least twice a year. Sometimes I stay in budget hotels and sometimes in more, well, mid-range hotels (such as the Amari Boulevard, one of my faves). But Bangkok offers […]

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Round the World (and back) this Spring ~ Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (May 25th, 2012)

To say the least, my travels this spring have been surrealistic. In 2 months’ time, I was in Thailand, Bhutan, Italy, Germany and Zambia. Oh, and Texas. I haven’t done the math, but I might have racked up 60,000+ miles. The strangest moment came for me was when I was in Zambia looking over images […]

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B in B, B & B

by Beth Whitman (October 10th, 2011)

This was my neighbor’s take on my travels over the coming weeks. Beth’s in Bangkok, Bhutan and Burma. Exactly. It is a busy few weeks for B but I have a feeling of excitement that I haven’t had in a long time because much of these travels will be completely new for me. While this […]

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Buddhist Prayer Bowls: Photo of the Day

by Beth Whitman (October 7th, 2010)

When you visit the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, you’ll notice a row of prayer bowls along one wall of the building, along the back side of the Buddha. For good karma, you can purchase/donate about $1 in exchange for 108 coins. As you walk along this wall you place the coins, plink plink plink, into […]

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A Bangkok State of Mind

by Beth Whitman (September 5th, 2008)

Most of us in the United States were brought up thinking that a religious or spiritual way of life is something to be practiced on Sundays at church or Friday evenings at sundown with the family. But much of the world does not work this way. Many other cultures incorporate a spiritual practice into their […]

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Bangkok Temple Tour

by Beth Whitman (April 22nd, 2008)

Buddha with offerings With just a few days in Bangkok, Jon and I decided to join part of our Bhutan group on a half day tour of the Temples of Bangkok. It allowed us to tool around in the heat in an air-conditioned mini-van while getting to know some of the folks that we’d be […]

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Back in Bangkok After Nearly Two Decades

by Beth Whitman (April 21st, 2008)

(I’m back from Bangkok and Bhutan but due to the lack of internet connections, I’ll be blogging retrospectively about my travels over the last two weeks.) Bangkok Temple The last time I was in Bangkok was 17 years ago. I stopped in this bustling city with my friend, Helen, while we waited for our visas […]

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One Night in Bangkok

by Beth Whitman (April 7th, 2008)

It is so easy for me to unplug away from home. Which is why, I suppose, I like to travel. All I need to do is be the passenger in a car for a weekend roadtrip and I can be asleep before we leave the Seattle city limits. Erawan Shrine – The local spirit house […]

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