Garlic Alfredo Popcorn

by worldeatsreaderstreats
( September 23rd, 2008 )


Photo Credit: Zanastardust

Looking for a simple, cheap way to enjoy the flavor of Italy while curled up with that special someone or just hanging out with friends? This simple recipe is one of our favorites for family movie night.

Here’s what you need: a hot air popcorn popper, a supply of yellow popcorn kernels, butter, garlic powder, salt (optional) and dried grated Parmesan cheese.

Get your popcorn popping into a large bowl. Start a small saucepan of butter melting on low to medium on your stove top. Add in a fair amount of garlic powder and stir to mix well while the melting process is taking place. Drizzle the garlic butter over the fresh hot popcorn and sprinkle liberally with the grated Parmesan. Add as little or as much salt as you desire. Toss well to coat.

This is basically one of those recipes you can eyeball and increase or decrease as much as necessary according to the batch size you are making. Also, be sure to get the cheaper dried shakeable canisters of Parmesan rather than the gourmet shredded variety. You want a more powdered coating with this recipe rather than a gooey cheesy experience.

Looking to take it to the next level and get yourself psyched for an upcoming trip to the boot? Pop in a copy of Roman Holiday, one of my favorite old classic movies, to get yourself really in the mood.

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