In Search of the Perfect Guacamole Recipe

by Samantha Scott
( February 4th, 2014 )

 California Avocado Guacamole
Being from California, a love of avocados is in my blood. Other than their unique, fantastic taste, they’re also incredibly healthy, being full of protein and really good fats from the oil in them. While …

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The WanderFoodie Eats Portland: Biscuits, Tamales, & More at the Saturday Farmers Market

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( June 22nd, 2012 )

Red onions, Portland Saturday Farmers Market, Portland, OR

Looking for good eats this weekend? If you’re in Portland, Oregon, head for the Saturday Farmers Market on the campus of Portland State University.

It’s not all lettuces, onions, ...

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WanderFood Wednesday: The WanderFoodie Eats Portland: La Jarochita Mexican Food Cart

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( June 12th, 2012 )

Huarache at La Jarochita Mexican Food Cart, Portland, OR

Don’t stop at La Jarochita if you want just a little snack. The portions at this Mexican food cart are big!

Take the huarache (above). It’s a dinner-plate-sized crispy tortilla ($5.50) piled high …

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