WanderFood Wednesday: Traditional Easter Food

by Samantha Scott
( April 15th, 2014 )

Traditional Easter food hasn’t changed a whole lot over the course of time. The holiday is celebrated all around the world and every culture has variations on the same Easter food. But no matter how different the variation may be, the food served on Easter is both religiously and historically significant….

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WanderFood Wednesday: The First and Last Gingerbread House

by Lauren Van Mullem
( December 17th, 2013 )

In 2007, my then boyfriend (now husband) and I got ambitious: We would build gingerbread houses. He had a recipe for good, sturdy gingerbread walls and royal icing that could effectively mortar real bricks if we needed it to. What we didn’t have is a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Have you ever …

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WanderFood Wednesday: 5 Tropical Food Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( February 14th, 2012 )


Vancouver, I have a confession to make. I do love you, but sometimes your damp, grey winter days have me dreaming of more tropical places. Oh, I know that your winters are shorter and milder than those in other places I’ve …

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