WanderFood Wednesday: Spicy Hot Chocolate

by Samantha Scott
( February 18th, 2014 )

There’s something irresistibly romantic about chocolate, and when made like this even more so. Enjoy!
Spicy Hot Chocolate
Ever since I saw the movie Chocolat, I’ve been enamored with the idea of spicy hot …

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The Official Wanderlust and Lipstick Chocolates?

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( July 30th, 2012 )

Lipstick chocolates, Sweet Lollapalooza, Edmonton, Alberta

What do you think, Wanderlusters? Should we make these lipstick treats the official Wanderlust and Lipstick chocolates?

These beauties come from Sweet Lollapalooza, a bonbon of a chocolate boutique …

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Wine Cupcakes in Los Olivos, California

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( May 11th, 2012 )

Saarloos and Sons wine cupcakes, Los Olivos, California

One problem with taking a solo road trip is that you’re always the designated driver. I’m en route from Vancouver to Los Angeles, when I pull into the California wine country town of …

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