WanderFood Wednesday – Got Pasta?

by Wanderluster
( June 7th, 2011 )

Pasta Platter

New York? Venice? Nope. Bhutan.

Believe it or not this plate of pasta was served up at a hotel in the central region of Bhutan. It was indeed a special treat given that most meals in the Kingdom are comprised …

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Bhutan Buckwheat Plate

by Wanderluster
( December 31st, 2010 )

Bhutan Buckwheat Noodle Plate

I honestly feel healthiest after spending a couple of weeks in Bhutan. I’m sure that this is due mainly to the fresh food that I consume at every meal.

Above is a pretty typical meal. It includes buckwheat noodles and …

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Cucumber as Big as Your Head

by Wanderluster
( November 13th, 2010 )

Beth Whitman with cucumber in Bhutan

Well, maybe not quite as big as my head, but it was pretty darn big. Apparently they grow ‘em this way in Bhutan.

Sometimes when veggies are this big they lose their flavor. But not this one. I …

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