WanderFood Reasoning–Why Food Writing Is So Tasty

by Carlye Cunniff
( February 20th, 2015 )

Hi, I’m Carlye. I’m so excited to be signing on as the next Wanderfood blogger. Let me introduce myself and explain my obsession with food and travel writing before diving in to more recipes, reviews and all things edible. I hope you’ll keep reading, responding and sharing your own insights into the world of Wanderfood as the blog goes on. I’m so glad you’re here!

Carlye Eating a Peach

A fascination with seeking out, creating and enjoying food has always been a major part of my life, a positive ritual worth so much more than just sustaining energy. My obsession with excellent food started with my days as a highly active adolescent who could shovel seemingly endless amounts of food into a continuously gangly body. Though my teenage metabolism has slowed significantly, I still eat, a lot, and justify my intake with  a regimented exercise habit that lets me eat and drink with abandon. My rules for food are limited—food snobbery makes me angry—but I do have a few. No mayo-based salads, out-of-season tomatoes or corporate beer. If you are looking for these three things alone, I apologize, and, we probably won’t get along.

As I continue to explore what the world of food and drink has to offer, I sincerely appreciate my opportunity to experience the world through taste. We are, more and more, isolated from our food sources, and have limited access to knowledge and education about where our food comes from. This lack of control over what we put into our bodies can feel paralyzing at times, but engaging with food is my way to take back control. Enjoying a meal, putting forth effort to keep appreciating the culture that gets shared over a great experience and writing about the art of great food is vital for more educated eaters.

Eating is fabulous, obviously, but more important than simply enjoying a meal is the ultimately intimate and culturally educational experience of dining out. Restaurants, pubs, breweries, cafes and wineries are the heartbeat of communities. They are meeting places, conversation starters, reasons for people to connect without technology. Traveling, for me, means eating well, means trying new things, stopping off to see what powers the people of the world through their busy days. Beyond traveling, food allows people to remember cultures, moments, places without ever really leaving. Food has the magical power of working both ways — it can bring people home without a plane ticket and introduce completely new experiences to adventurous eaters.

When I’m not exploring, I cook at home 3-5 nights a week. Keep in mind that “cooking at home” is sometimes loosely defined as making a pot of popcorn and drinking some craft beer. I approach the kitchen with fewer romantic notions and the same degree of gusto as my approach to eating—this leads to the occasional gloopy sauce and overcooked entree, but a glass of wine usually cures the problem. I believe that we would all cook more if we weren’t so afraid of messing up, and think that recipes should be rough guidelines, rather than strict rules. This isn’t to say that cookbooks are of no use—I read them like novels, but better than fiction, I create my version of the most exciting stories the next day. Though I may seem wild and haphazard in the kitchen, I like to cook alone, support can come from onlookers bearing alcoholic beverages. The man in my life knows to stand far back from the work being done, my kitchen tunnel vision appears and art is made amid chaos.

I’m so excited to start this project, and am certain I’ll be learning and sharing experiences right alongside my readers. I hope to hear from you too! What do you want to read about food?

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WanderFood Wednesday: A Year of Food Blogging

by Samantha Scott
( February 17th, 2015 )

Ice Cream selfie

It’s been almost exactly a year since I started writing for WanderFood. Words cannot express how great a time I’ve had writing for this fantastic website! I’m especially proud to have been a part of a community of such interesting, intelligent women; an honor I’ll always cherish. In a year of food blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to experience some unforgettable things:

I paid homage to my favorite foodie films, solidifying forever my identity as “film geek.” I embarked upon a truly spectacular press trip along the California Highway 1 Discovery Route.

Sycamore Garden, Avila

Beautiful Spread from Sextant Gourmet Deli

Robin's Restaurant in Cambria

I made a traditional Croatian Easter bread.

Pounding the Air Out

I realized the power food has to change your outlook on life, discovered some truly unique flavor combinations, and got to experience one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had.

Peach Pie

Peach and Tomato Salad

Bone Marrow at Purple Pig

But perhaps the experience that tops them all was getting to attend TBEX in Cancun and meeting so many other travel bloggers, including some fellow Wanderlusters! Being a part of this community is something that has meant so much and I definitely will not be leaving for good.

Expedia Party at TBEX

So it is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from WanderFood. The time is right though and I am so excited to see what the next WanderFoodie brings! I hope you all will continue to follow the adventures of WanderFood and Wanderlust and Lipstick…I know I will!

Happy Travels, and as always:

Eat Well, Travel Well ~ Samantha

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WanderFood Wednesday: Meals to Pair with Robin Williams Films

by Samantha Scott
( February 10th, 2015 )

Vietnamese Street Food

As my last post hinted at, the Oscars are fast approaching! As a film buff, that is one of my favorite nights ever. And I’d like to pay tribute to a great entertainer, who we lost this past year. His death shocked the world and struck me deeply. To celebrate his works, I present: Meals to Pair with Robin Williams Films.

Dungeness Crab Salad

1. Mrs. Doubtfire: Dungeness Crab Salad

This quintissential San Francisco offering will get you in the spirit to enjoy this classic, set in the city Williams made his home. Almost immediately after news of his tragic passing became known, fans flooded to the San Francisco house that served as a filming location for the movie, leaving flowers and remembrances.

2. Good Will Hunting:  New England Clam Chowder

I’ll be honest. I saw Good Will Hunting shortly after Williams was honored with the Academy Award for his performance in that film and…I wasn’t blown away by it. But I always figured that when I watched it again as an adult, I would “get it.” I tried watching it a few nights ago and, well, was again not blown away. I’m not sure why, but there you are. However, it’s an important movie and the setting, Boston, is a character in the film, so what better dish to enjoy while watching than a classic New England Clam Chowder?

3. Hook: “Use your imagination”

The recipe: put out some empty plates, bowls and glasses. Revel in the finest, most delicious food and drink you can imagine. This used to be Peter’s favorite game after all!

Market Apples

4. Aladdin: Apples from the market

Okay, okay, I know apples aren’t a meal but they are a key plot point in Aladdin! So buy some from your local market and dig in as you relive your childhood. Slice them and serve with peanut butter for a double whammy of nostalgia.

5. The Birdcage: Seafood Chowder (without the seafood)

There is a particularly brilliant cringeworthy dinner scene in this movie. The star of the dinner, other than the dialogue (or lack thereof) is the Seafood Chowder which is seafood-less.

6. Good Morning Vietnam: Vietnamese Street Food (pictured above)

This is one of my very favorite Robin Williams films. Many scenes take place on the streets of Vietnam, where one is bombarded with sensory overload, especially from the food stalls. As in so many films, the food in this movie plays it’s own role!

What film and meal combination would you add?

Eat Well, Travel Well ~ Samantha 

Photo Credit

Vietnamese Street Food: Geoff Peters via Flickr 

Dungeness Crab Salad: onetallchef via Flickr

Market Apples: Tony via Flickr

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