WanderFood Wednesday: Best American Ballpark Food

by Samantha Scott
( October 7th, 2014 )

Corn Dog at Hi Tops

Last weekend I experienced one of the best corn dogs I’ve ever had at Hi Tops, a sports bar in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. Flavorful and perfectly fried, a delicious homemade batter made all the difference.

While I wasn’t actually at the ballpark, corn dogs have become my new favorite snack at a baseball game and it got me thinking…what is the best American ballpark food? Are there things that aren’t around anymore or used to be more popular? Cracker Jacks spring to mind…don’t see those much anymore! Or those red and white striped bags of popcorn.

To bid farewell to baseball season, I thought it would be fun to compile a list from your submissions of what you think the best American ballpark food is. Send me your favorites WanderFoodies! So many things can contribute to what makes a great ballpark food. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Ease of eating – always important at the ballpark. Nothing worse than spilling all over your team colors!

  • Quintessential or kitschy - at Wrigley Field in Chicago, they serve nachos in an upside down batting helmet, and a trip to AT&T in San Francisco is not complete without their famous garlic fries.

  • Pure nostalgia – cotton candy anyone?

What ballpark foods would you add to the list?

Eat Well, Travel Well ~ Samantha 

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WanderFood Wednesday: 5 Pumpkin Dishes from Around the World

by Samantha Scott
( September 30th, 2014 )

Pumpkin Varieties

It’s October 1st and as far as I’m concerned October is unofficial Pumpkin Month (unless it’s actually official…that would be awesome!). Well, official or unofficial, here are 5 pumpkin dishes from around the world to kick off October and Autumn!

Poland: Pumpkin Soup with Dumplings

This smooth creamy soup celebrates the flavor of the pumpkin and tries not to overpower it with too many other ingredients. The addition of potato dumplings into the soup give this particular version a classic Eastern European taste.

The Philippines: Ginataan Kalabasa

This delicious looking dish has pumpkin simmered in coconut milk and served over rice and often with a protein such as shrimp added. Coconut just sounds heavenly paired with pumpkin doesn’t it?!

Afghanistan: Kadu

I saw this described a few different ways around the inter webs (as well as spelled…can anyone confirm if the proper spelling is Kadu or Kadoo or Kaddo?). The main similarity in the preparation seems to be sautéed pumpkin served with garlic yogurt. Mmm!

Afghan Pumpkin Dish

Japan: Kabocha Cake

Kabocha is a Japanese squash variety, similar to pumpkin, with a sweeter flavor. This cake is moist, rich and dense; the perfect dessert for a nice fall day!

5. Spain: Bunuelos De Calabaza

Pumpkin doughnuts with chocolate sauce. Need I say more? With a similar preparation to churros these treats are often enjoyed in Spain for breakfast.

What are some of your favorite pumpkin dishes from around the world?

Eat Well, Travel Well ~ Samantha

Photo Credits
Autumn Pumpkins: m.prinke via Flickr
Kadu: Joy via Flickr

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WanderFood Wednesday: Favorite Fall Foods

by Samantha Scott
( September 23rd, 2014 )

Last weekend was the official end to summer and beginning of my favorite season, Autumn.

There’s something about that nip in the air that just fills me with joy, and it’s a season that involves some of my absolute favorite foods and dishes, so this will be a great time for WanderFood!

A few fall foods I’m excited about are:

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

This is something we’ve done in my family for years. It’s a great way to teach kids about not being wasteful, and it’s delicious to boot! Whenever we got pumpkins for carving we’d save the pumpkin seeds and toast them. They make a wonderful, healthy fall snack!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple pie is the queen of all fall desserts. I realize it should probably go at the end of this list, but you know what? “Life is short, eat dessert first” is a standard mantra of mine. My mom has always made a spectacular apple pie and it’s just such a quintessential way to usher in the season. Next rainy day I’m headed to the store for some Granny Smith’s!

Roast Anything* with Root Vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables

Nothing better than a classic roast in the oven for the fall and winter months. And my midwestern side comes out in my love for root vegetables, especially carrots, turnips and potatoes. It is my mission this season to learn to like beets. They are easily my least favorite vegetable so it will be an interesting adventure. As for the meat element? Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Beef – I’m not picky. Anything that fills the kitchen with those homey “meat-n-potatoes” smells!

Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Forget any preconceived notions you may have about Brussels Sprouts. There are so many delicious ways to cook them, and one of my favorites is in the oven with garlic and olive oil. They are a perfect side dish for Thanksgiving and their bright color often adds some much needed green to the autumn colors on the table.

I’ll be posting recipes for all these and other delicious fall things throughout the season! What are some of your favorite fall foods that you think I should highlight this season?

Eat Well, Travel Well ~ Samantha

Photo Credits

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds: Beck via Flickr

Apple Pie: Whitney via Flickr

Root Veggies: Gloria Cabada-Leman via Flickr

Brussels Sprouts: Stacy via Flickr

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